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The highlight of every birthday party is indeed the cake. It is always a must-have for a birthday. But finding the right cake is not a cakewalk! Many of the store-bought cakes are just dry sponges wrapped up in a lot of fondants. So, why not go all overboard with the cake? It’s a birthday, after all!

Nowadays, cake artists are garnering all the attention with custom-made and premade designs for the customers to pick from. They are doing a great job at reforming the confectionary industry as a whole.

Here is a list of the top cake artists with a unique birthday cake Singapore edition.

  1. The Whyzee 

This is the cake house that offers same-day delivery options. They even deliver if someone orders on short notice. It is a relief for all the last-moment surprises. Within 4 hours, they can provide the custom-made cakes with the highest quality at the doorsteps. Their best-selling premade options include lavender earl grey and classic New York cheesecake. The bunny cake and unicorn cake are the most popular animal cakes. Their beautiful flower bouquets and balloons are like the cherry on top.

  1. The Rainbowly 

They have a delectable selection. Rainbowly is renowned for its pleasing fruit arrangements in Singapore. If someone needs an out-of-this-world cake, they can do it the best. They also have an incredible range of premade gift boxes, fruit towers, heart cakes, and more. They also have fun cake-smashing options like the affordable chocolate pinata. Watermelon cake with fresh fruits is an all-time bestseller.

  1. Dig In Cakes 

Suppose someone is looking for a special cake when it is not even a birthday; Dig In Cakes is the best option. Their cakes and baked delights are artisanal and affordable. Their flavors and options are to die for. Blueberry elderflower, green tea chestnut mousse, and mango mousse are some of the best sellers. In addition, there are some unique and interesting options like Okinawa milk tea, Mao Shan Wang with durian, and more.

Birthdays are never complete without an extravagant cake. While baking at home is popular these days, getting a custom-made cake from a professional artist is better. One can get a cake of their dreams at their doorstep just in a few hours. This might sound like a dream, but these days, it’s true. So, there’s no holding back to the cake fantasies anymore when there are unique birthday cake Singapore cake artists.

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