Styling your look with gym wear and leggings

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The modern take on gym wear and leggings style includes fake pockets so that they can be used on their own and not worn under a skirt or long-flowing top. 

The top you choose should basically balance out the two halves of the body. Loose flowing and long tops are recommended, preferably with those that do not have waistbands or pockets. If your pair has pockets and has a high-rise waist, you can wear a top that ends at the waist. This is because pockets at the back provide more structure to the back and so, it isn’t awkward.

Printed leggings with bulky tops for cooler weather

Printed leggings are stand out patterns and a huge hit in autumn, when the general style incorporates bulky sweaters and thicker tops. Printed leggings add the stylish punch that is required to keep you looking young and modern. It helps you avoid being drowned in the size of the top, by keeping your figure balanced and showing off your slender legs to your advantage. They are perfect for winter, as the slim fitting legs go well with knee rise or thigh high boots.

Dressing up to dong an elegant look is easy with leggings. All you have to master is to choose your top or layer your look to suit it. If you choose a tight top with it, you can look much slimmer than you actually are.

Styling your look with gym wear and leggings

Leggings and jackets

If you are naturally slim and want to add more bulk to your frame, you can wear leggings with a slim long top and add a leather or denim jacket ensemble that hits above the waist for a trendy look that adds extra curves without making your look cluttered. Come fall or winter, pull on your long boots and sport them stylishly with your favorite pair of gym wear singapore. When you choose printed leggings or floral designs, make sure your top is relatively simpler, to keep the overall look balanced. Having too many prints or similar prints from the top to bottom will make you look busy. Want to add a dramatic zing to your look? Accessorize with a monochromatic bag for printed or dark colored design

Footwear that enhances your overall look

The high rise leggings  go well with embellished and extensively designed shoes and sandals, as the natural structure draws attention to your ankles and feet, and this would allow you to show off your prized shoes.

Leggings are a wardrobe essential, and are a huge hit among the modern generation. They are quickly replacing the skinny jeans and the slim fit pants due to the comfort and versatility they have to offer. It works well on women of any structure, and the slimming look is one that is fashionable and here to stay for much longer.

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