The classic among gemstones

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Diamonds are among the most famous gemstones that adorn high-quality women’s jewellery and they also make the engagement ring or wedding ring shine gracefully. Their beauty is undisputed and it is not for nothing that they are considered “a girl’s best friend”.

Engagement rings which are classic diamond rings singapore have been a symbol of love and loyalty for ages. This may also be because gemstones have always been valued for their fascinating aesthetics. Diamonds are unique and high-quality gemstones with which you can give each ring a special elegance and a unique flair. And they just go with any ring material. Regardless of whether you opt for a diamond ring made of white gold or yellow gold – the pieces of jewellery are lifelong companions. It depends on the people because few like gold rings with diamonds, whereas few love rose gold as it is the latest trend. Some buy platinum rings so it is totally up to the brides and bridegroom choice which one to choose. As you wear them daily, one needs to love the rings the most.

You can decide whether you want a ring with many small stones or a solitaire, i.e. a diamond ring with a particularly large gemstone in the setting. This is the classic variant of the diamond engagement ring that we encounter again and again in the most romantic Hollywood films.

classic diamond rings singapore

The quality of the gemstone is measured by four criteria, the so-called 4 Cs. These include the purity, the weight, the colour (discoloration is often directly related to a low purity) and the cut. Of course, the shop ensures a high level of purity for all diamonds acquired, as well as an excellent cut. When you buy your diamond ring, you also have the option of using our configurator in the shop to determine the desired size and thus the number of carats according to your wishes and budget.

The right precious metal for the precious stone

Rose gold, yellow gold or white gold, the selection of precious metals for the diamond ring is large. A diamond is classically complemented with yellow or white gold in order to continue the bright and sparkling look of the gemstone with the matching precious metal. With other gold tones and alloys, you can create exciting, visual contrasts that make the gemstone more prominent. Platinum is always an alternative. Fortunately, there are no set rules here. Only your taste should decide.


Jewellery can be made according to your preferences

In recent days, jewellery customization is becoming more trending. Many stores are designing custom made jewellery according to the customer taste. Customization of jewellery means, the jewellery is designed according to the customer preference, taste and ideas. Sometimes the ideas will be given by the store designers to make the output of the design more attractive and beautiful. Many people are gifting their dear ones with this type of customized jewellery that would be loved by them. Some people make customizations of jewellery with the designs, gemstones, names of the customers and so on. The customers think they should have a unique piece of jewellery that no one should have. To own such beautiful customized jewellery, the store selection is always important. The output of the jewellery depends on the designers in the store. The professional jewellery designers will give a decent output with a nice and elegant finish. Such beautifully made jewellery will attract everyone eye and make you very special when you wear them.

Designing jewellery with your ideas:

There are steps taken by the professional designers in the store who gives the perfect output of the customized jewellery design. Imagine your impressions of the jewellery to be designed: The ideas of the design for the jewellery should be given priority to the jewellery designers. The designers make a soft copy of the jewellery design and send it to the customers. After seeing this, the customers can say any changes to make they wanted to in the design of the jewellery. An again changes are made to the design by the designers and are sent to the client to review the design again. This process occurs until the customer says the design is perfect and liked by her. The final design is made and sent to the customer as a confirmation. Once they confirmed they start working on it. Priorly, some amount of money should be paid to start the work.

  • Finalize the price before work: The price of the jewellery is made with an estimation according to the material and making chargers. This price is told to the customer and is finalised of any changes made.
  • The old jewellery should be given: The pick up of the old jewellery is made by the store workers only and is covered in almost every part
  • Jewellery is designed after reaching and sent to the customer once designed.

What are the benefits of stylish shape diamond stud earrings?

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Diamond studs look stunning. Afterward, they are also flexible, as you are able to pair them with almost any outfit. If you are on the search for a set of diamond earrings, then you might be thinking about that diamond form you need to pick for your own studs.

While diamonds are the frequent selection for diamond studs , this informative article we would like to speak somewhat about the many advantages of purchasing stylish shape diamond stud earrings

There are many options and lots of stylish shape diamonds to choose from, you can select best among them by reading the best benefits of purchasing stylish diamond stud earrings.

  1. The Pricing 

Among the most celebrated advantages of picking fancy shaped diamonds to the diamond stud earrings is the cost. Fancy shaped diamonds normally cost approximately 25% to 40 percent less than around diamonds!

Wondering why there is such a massive cost difference between those contours?

More than 50 percent of diamonds sold now are around diamonds.  All stylish diamonds are more affordable than diamonds with similar attributes.

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  1. The Distinctive Style

The diamond shape expresses the general style of your set of pearl stud earrings. Each diamond has its own design, which lets you decide on a diamond shape which perfectly matches your personal aesthetic. Here, see our fashion notes on the most common stylish diamonds and choose which will be ideal for you!

  1. The Size Per Carat

You will find just four fancy shaped diamonds that seem bigger than other diamond shapes. Should you decide on among those diamond shapes to your studs, then your studs will be priced 25 percent to 40 percent less than diamond studs of the exact same dimensions and caliber — and they’ll look 5 percent to 10% bigger!

  1. Their Most Proportions

A round shape diamond is obviously perfectly around. But fancy diamonds may provide a good deal more variety in regards to proportions.

When you begin browsing fancy wrought iron gemstones, you might discover that distinct diamonds with the identical shape may look different.

By way of instance, an oblong diamond may seem wide and short or be very thin and long.

The number in these elaborate shapes is an advantage as it lets you decide on the specific proportions you adore. Or, the exact proportions which you believe would be flattering when worn out. By way of instance, lots of men and women love more, thinner diamond proportions since they include a thinning, elongating impact into the face.

  1. The Shimmer Variety

1 thing which makes diamonds so amazing is their freshness. And one of stylish diamonds, you have many distinct kinds of shimmer to pick from.


Best Diamond Engagement Rings Perfect Gift For Your Lady

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Diamond engagement rings are the most beautiful and wonderful gift you can give to the woman you love and care for. But before buying your diamond engagement ring for your lady, you need to think about the style. You can find a wide variety of styles for diamond rings in the market these days, and you can easily choose the style of your engagement ring based on your lady’s desire. Another important thing to consider before choosing the style is your budget. Go to and get the best diamond ring available in the market.

You need to set your budget before you go shopping to get an idea of ​​how much you are willing to spend on your ring. But if you are clueless about their choices and tastes, and your budget is also low, you can buy solitaire diamond engagement rings online.

Solitaire diamond engagement rings are the perfect symbol of love, commitment, devotion, and affection. And this is why most couples generally prefer to show these rings to their lady on the eve of the engagement. And best of all, when you buy your ring online, you can easily save a huge amount of your money.


Many online jewelry stores offer beautiful and stylish solitaire diamond engagement rings at affordable prices. The main reason for offering the rings at low prices is because the online jewelers do not have to pay for security, salesforce, commercial establishment, and warehousing. You don’t have to pay high rental bills either. And so they can offer you the rings and other jewelry at reasonable prices.

Another important thing to consider before purchasing your solitaire diamond engagement ring is the 4C’S of Diamond. You must know 4C’S diamond before purchasing your diamond engagement ring. Once you understand the 4Cs, you can easily determine the quality and price of diamonds.

It would be best if you also made sure that the jewelry store you are going to buy your ring from has a good reputation and has been in business for many years. And when buying your ring from online jewelry stores, you need to check the website’s credibility. And you can check the website’s credibility by reading the reviews online.

Be prepared with diamond engagement rings to make your engagement an unforgettable experience. If the information presented in the article is implemented, then the results will be very fruitful. There is a guarantee that you will definitely get the desired product if you keep all of the above points. So, be a responsible customer and enjoy getting the product of your choice.

It would be best to forget that diamond engagement rings are a critical piece of jewelry. It occupies a very significant place in couples’ lives and is worn forever by the lady as a symbol of love. Hence, it would be best if you were very careful when choosing your engagement ring.


8 Tips for Buying a Diamond engagement ring

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Are you planning for a diamond ring for your engagement or your partner? Check these 8 tips before buying a Diamond engagement ring.

You will have to be familiar with 4Cs, the way to select a diamond shape and cut metal attributes, types of configurations and much more.

1. Know that the 4Cs- You should know 4C’s: Shade, Clarity, Cut & Carat mass. In summary, the 4Cs are:

Shade: D to Z diamond color ranges speed a diamond’s lack of colour. Diamonds with less colour are rarer.

Cut: The grade of a diamond’s cut determines how nicely it reflects light

Clarity: It refers to absence of inclusions & flaws .

Carat Weight: It’s weight determines a diamond’s clear size.

2. Know the distinction between diamond shapes, designs and diamond cutting quality before you begin searching for an Solitaire engagement ring, then you need to understand the distinction between a diamond’s shape, its own cutting fashion and its own cut quality.

Diamond Shape refers to a diamond’s outline when seen face up. However there are different shapes–called fancy shapes.

3. Deciding on a metal for your ring the sort of metal you select for a gemstone band impacts the general expression of the item. White gold and gold are popular for quite a few years.

They’re also great options for diamonds rated from the colorless to near-colorless ranges, since they emphasize the bead’s colorlessness. Placing one of those diamonds from yellow prongs would create more yellow in appearance.

4. Pick the placing ring in place with a setting. The atmosphere has two tasks: to underline the attractiveness, and also to shield it from harm . Various configurations provide various levels of security.

5. Choose side stones- Negative stones are a fantastic way to present a ring. They deliver a dash of sophistication, creating a look that is just sophisticated.

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6. Look in a gemstone under different light requirements Daylight, candle light, spot light, fluorescent  light — a gemstone appears very different under different lighting states.

While purchasing a diamond engagement ring, so make sure you check at it under those four different light conditions to determine how it works:

A surroundings where place lighting isn’t overpowering

Diffused light- fluorescent lighting that bounce will be greatest

A combined lighting surroundings of place & diffused lighting

Natural daylight — right beneath sunlight, under the shade of a shrub which divides the bead’s light into tens of thousands of slivers

7. Get the maximum sparkle and dimension- For diamonds of comparable colour and texture, the cut is accountable for the rock’s sparkle.

Additionally, the greater the diamonds a ring gets, the longer the ring will glow . That is just another reason to think about diamond side stones.

8. Decide on a ring which suits her fashion (none )An engagement ring is meant to be worn daily to life. It ought to produce the wearer’s heart glow. Nevertheless, it is time to place your tastes aside and discover which style she favors.

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How To Become A Jewellery Designer- step by step Guide

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Gemstones, diamonds and precious metals: jewelry is made from nature’s best handiwork. It is unsurprising, then, which conveys an inherent psychological value too. It is not just the act of purchasing, receiving or sporting jewelry that invests a specific bit with significance — stones are billed with their artists’ values and experiences, also.

Therefore, jewellery is where private stories, luxury and classic craftsmanship intertwine, and also some other aspiring designer ought to have a deal on a wide mixture of artistic, technical and industrial skills. I have seen a place Vegas nail salon, it looks amazon place for designers

How can you move from a student to a functioning jewelry designer?

The BAJ advertises tasks through its societal stations, but Boons advises students to keep your eye on trade books and sites like Benchpeg, Retail Jeweller, The Artists Information Company and The National Association of Jewellers. Sometimes, it is well worth reaching out to businesses directly, and significant to keep in mind the jewelry trade still depends upon word of mouth.

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Applying for competitions like HRD Antwerp or even Talente in Munich — that then may result in exhibitions — is vital to be known for as many business professionals as you can.

The job interview process varies broadly. Small companies might need just 1 point, but based businesses can involve up to five, such as seat tests, interview panels and, in some instances, a written examination.

Request yourself, what occupation might get me the expertise they are searching for? It is about being springy.” Becoming a designer require some skill sets and some working, check points mentioned below-

  • Practice makes great
  • Learn to convey
  • When launch your own business, start little
  • Learn How to tell stories
  • Social networking vs Classic PR
  • Worth your relationships with retailers

A step-by-step guide to becoming a jewelry designer

1.Pick a degree in areas such as Layout, Gemology or Fine Arts.

2.Scan trade books for job supplies. Applying for contests, demonstrating your work and media are the simplest methods of getting noticed by potential employers.

  1. Get in contact with recognized brands, even if they aren’t publicly advertised for a function.

4.When applying for work, your portfolio must showcase your own technical, manual and creative abilities in addition to your thought procedure. Include sketches, prototypes and moodboards.

  1. Do your research and stay up-to-date with business news. Showing a fantastic understanding of an organization’s history and industrial plan may provide you the upper hand over other candidates.
  1. Communication is crucial: as a programmer you’ll be asked to utilize artisans, so practise describing your idea process and theories in a clear and succinct way.

If your Aim is to start your business:

  1. Blend a brief technical class with a creative level.
  1. Be aware: begin with a little manufacturing, encourage yourself with bespoke orders, create your personal prototypes and locate people with the expertise you do not have.
  1. Self-promotion is vital: learn how to use social networking to your benefit by making a powerful visual identity and join with journalists, customers and merchants.

Be cautious of your connection with retailers: cultivate them with private meetings and utilize them to target your layouts.

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Tips In Finding The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

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If it is time to start ring shopping, then you know that you need to make a plan. Preparing for the proposal is definitely exciting and finding the right kind of ring is vital. However, you cannot simply walk inside a jewelry shop and browse through hundreds of diamond rings to find the best one that you need. So if you need help in making your choice for the best Miss Diamond Ring, then here are some expert tips for you.

Miss Diamond Ring

Determine The Perfect Shape

If you know what your partner prefers when it comes to the shape of the ring, then you are lucky. But you have to remember that every shape of the ring or ‘cut’ will be priced differently. And also, the price will also be determined by the carat. To have an idea of the pricing of these cuts, the most expensive are the round ones. If you want to buy something more affordable then choose the pear and marquise cuts.

The Metal Band

Usually, engagement and wedding rings are made of white gold, yellow gold, or platinum bands. In recent years, the rose gold bands are becoming more popular. It is the more modern and fresher alternative for the younger generation. If you are going for quality, platinum is the most preferred choice. They may look like silver but are way more expensive because it is rarer and have greater density. If you choose to go for metal bands, you have to take note that they scratch easier. So you have to make sure that you consider your partners’ lifestyle before you make a decision.

Choose The Carat Size

Before finalizing your ring, you need to determine the carat size of the diamond. Take note that quality versus quantity. Some would prefer rings depending on the size instead of the color. But there are also others that would prefer a clear diamond without minding the carat. As the spouse-to-be, you should have an idea of your partners’ preferred stone size. Even though many would say that ‘size is not important’ but remember that it is something that you cannot tweak, unlike the color and clarity.

Choosing the right ring for your partner is vital. And if you find the one that would sweep her off her feet simply shows how you truly know her. So if you are looking for engagement or wedding rings that can make a statement, know what your partner wants and what she prefers. But also, you should consider what you can afford. High-quality and beautiful rings are not easy on the budget. You cannot simply spend a huge percentage of your wedding budget on the rings without thinking about other factors that also matter.


Essential Tips for Purchasing Moissanite Rings

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Over the last few years, Moissanite has become a very famous gemstone. It was discovered in the year of 1893 in the deserts of Arizona. It was discovered by a very famous scientist Dr. Henry Moissan and Moissanite is made of silicon carbide. After a few years of its discovery, this gemstone was named after Mr. Moissan. Although, initially, he was mistaken and considered it to be diamonds, but later on, after conducting multiple researches, it was found to be different. In recent years, it has not only created a different customer base but is also considered to be the highest-selling non-diamond rings based on various studies conducted with the demand for gemstones used as engagement rings. Because of its elegant looks, Moissanite Rings experiences a huge demand to be used as wedding and engagement rings all across the world. Also, on the Mohs scale of hardness, it ranges around 9.25. This is one of the most important advantages as well as core competence which proves that Moissanite can be used as a daily wear as it is non-breakable and at the same time, scratch-resistant too. In fact, because of its rating on the Mohs scale, various associations across the world have concluded that it is the closest alternative to the diamonds and the most interesting fact is that it is easily available and that too at a very reasonable price.

During the 90s, purchasing a ring was not a much difficult job since the color and the design was only taken into account. But over the last few years, it has surely become a very daunting task since a lot of things need to be taken into consideration before buying the best wedding or engagement ring. However, the below-mentioned points would surely help in achieving so and also guide you with the most essential tips too.

Important Tips for purchasing Moissanite Rings:

Although there are many, few of the important tips that would surely guide you to buy the best Moissanite Ring especially for your engagement are as follows-

Moissanite Rings

1) You should always consider the 4C’s of Moissanite Rings:

Whenever you are planning to purchase a Moissanite Ring despite any such occasions, you should always follow the 4C’s of the same, and they are mentioned below so that you would be able to buy the right one.

  1. Color
  2. Clarity
  3. Cut
  4. Carat

2) It is always better to choose a very Unique Design:

Each one of us wishes to but the best Moissanite Ring for wife or husband. But, one thing we always need to remember is that since it is a perfect representation of emotions, love, and affection, it would be highly appreciable if you can choose a unique or uncommon design for your loved ones.

3) It is always appreciable and exciting to know about the history of the gem:

The majority of the popular gems do have a very exciting history related to its discovery. It is always appreciable to know about its history to make your purchase a good one. For example, in the case of Moissanite, as mentioned above, it was discovered in the year of 1893 by Mr. Henry Moissan.

4) The size should never be a constraint:

Whenever you think of purchasing a Moissanite Ring, be it your wedding or engagement, size should never be a factor for choosing the design. Instead, you should always prioritize the quality and the looks to buy the best one.

5) It should be the best one for your wife or husband:

Since you are gifting a ring to your husband or wife out of love as well as affection, it should always give a classy or a retro look based on your choice and preferences. It would also be appreciable if you can also take the advice of the jeweler into account to choose the best one amongst the leading designs and colors.

6) Price shouldn’t be a constraint:

Since these rings are always considered to be luxury items, the important factors for choosing the best one should always be the quality as well as the choice instead of the price of the ring.

7) Custom feels are more appreciable:

Over the last few years, it is found that custom feels have a separate fan base if compared to the readymade and the traditional ones. Secondly, if you are having a jewelry designer in your close contact, you should feel free and reach out to them for their suggestions.

8) Never go alone to purchase a ring:

As mentioned earlier, since buying the best ring is considered to be a daunting task these days, it is always recommended to go out for buying along with a close friend of yours who knows about your taste and preferences to make it a worthy purchase.

What are the factors that make Moissanite Rings are considered to be a worthy purchase?

1) Availability in multiple colors:

One of the most important reasons why a lot of people choose Moissanite Rings over diamond these days is because of its easy availability in multiple colors. Apart from being easily available throughout the world, its variety of shades starts from white and continues till a tinge of green as well as yellow.

2) Budget-friendly price:

The most important reason for Moissanite gaining so much popularity is that because of its reasonable price that easily fits in everyone’s budget. Although the price of diamond is going up each day, there is no such surety whether it would last for a long time. Even those who are buying diamonds from the world’s most reputed brands are also worried about whether it would be able to survive for a long time or not. Thus, this is a vital reason why a lot of people do prefer Moissanite over diamonds.

3) Moissanite would surely make you fall in love with it:

Last but not the least; Moissanite Rings always gives a romantic feeling. It represents a sign of elegance and luxury and on the other hand, its amazing shades also have the potential to make you fall in love with them.

Thus, buying the best Moissanite Ring wouldn’t be tough if you consider the above points before purchasing the same. But once you purchase it, you may rest assured that it would surely give you a romantic and a classy feeling as well.


The Do’s And Don’ts For Wedding Jewelry

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When it comes to your wedding day there is not one detail that is missed. Everything from your invitation to your nail polish matters. As for your look, each detail needs to complement each other from head to toe. So all the jewelry that you decide to pick out needs to compliment your hairstyle, outfit, shoes, and makeup. Having complimentary jewelry will elevate your look and add a personal touch to it, but too many accessories can decrease your look. Here is some advice on do’s and don’ts for wedding jewelry.

The Do’s

Find Jewelry For Your Wedding Dress

You and your outfit are the stars in this wedding so if you have too much jewelry then it could take away from your aesthetic, so when finding accessories, find some that will go with your outfit, not find an outfit that goes with your jewelry. Your outfit should be in the center of it all and should dictate everything. Any jewelry you pick out should compliment your wedding outfit, rather than compete with it for attention.

Wedding Jewelry

More is Less

Only add accessories that will help elevate your look and that will add a unique touch. If you have too many accessories then it could become very distracting and your jewelry could stand out more than you or your outfit. You are already wearing the most amazing outfit so just a pair of earrings and a small necklace will do. Sometimes having less is more, and in this case, when you are picking out jewelry for your wedding day this is true. Because you are already going to be so elegant, a massive gem on your neck will not be flattering. The gem will take away from the amazing outfit that you chose, plus it will take the attention away from you. Do less on the jewelry, so that your outfit doesn’t have to compete.

The Don’ts

Dont Shop Late

Your accessories should not be purchased last minute. This could end up causing a disaster because you were rushed. Make sure you have enough time to shop for all your accessories so that you can take your time when choosing them. This will also give you time to pair everything together so that you know they are all cohesive. Also if you are getting customized jewelry then you will definitely want to start early so that you give them enough time to customize it for you. Being rushed is never good, so make sure that you are not shopping for your jewelry late.

Your wedding is a big day, being prepared ahead of time will help you be able to prevent some disasters that could occur. So when picking out jewelry for your wedding outfit, start early and follow these do’s and don’ts so that on your big day everything you put together is cohesive and is only elevating your look. People say “nothing can ruin this for me” if you start early, that goes for your jewelry as well.


Six ways you can determine a legitimate online jewelry shop

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One of the best ways you can invest your money at the same time makes you look great is to purchase jewelry pieces. It is completely easy to purchase jewelry pieces regardless if it is a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, or a pair of piercing, and what makes it very ideal as an investment is that you can pawn it anytime you want with a good appraisal rate.

However, you should not take for granted that buying jewelry is very easy. You might end up disappointed for mistakenly buying a poor-quality jewelry piece that is why you have to remember that it takes some important considerations when you decide to purchase jewelry for yourself especially if you decide to purchase online.

With that being said, in this post from the best designer jewellery online in Australia, let us discuss some important considerations that you will be using in purchasing jewelry online so that you can fully appreciate what you bought without any regrets.

  1. designer jewellery onlineFind the right market price– Genuine jewelry makers and sellers strictly follow the market value and the suggested retail price of a jewelry piece to prevent them from taking advantage over their customers, while there are jewelry pieces out there that are relatively expensive due to its rarity and the minerals and precious stones that are used to it.
  2. Ask many questions to the jeweler’s customer service– You will determine the price, the quality, and the entire make of the jewelry piece that you are planning to buy if you gamely ask the jeweler for details. Make sure you visit the shop of the jeweler to personally check the jewelry piece.
  3. Check the hallmarks– Real jewelry has its own hallmarks to distinguish if it is genuine or not, however, this does not guarantee you if it is of great quality or not. Hallmarks are usually engraved and detailed discreetly in certain parts of the jewelry and these are extremely little to read which requires a magnifying glass.
  4. Find reviews of the jewelry site first– In order for you to determine if the jewelry site is legitimate or not, you have to find reviews about its website by its previous clients and customers. From there, you can get first-hand information from people who already had a deal with that particular online jewelry shop through their reviews. Make sure you choose the one that has the best reviews that are unbiased.
  5. Be sure that the website has enough security– Knowing that it is very easy to hack any websites nowadays; you should not compromise your security and safety knowing that purchasing jewelry involves a lot of money, and you would not want to end up losing money from an online jewelry shop that has no security features in its website. Make sure its payment method comes with encryption and sufficient cybersecurity features before you make any transaction.
  6. Find certificates and license– Online jewelry shops should always display their certificates and licenses that tell that they are a legitimate online jewelry shop that is certified by its official governing body and the law itself.