How to finalise upon the perfect pair of running shoes

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Running does not require buying costly equipment and accessories or a whole lot of money. What it does need is your commitment to run along with basic clothes and a good pair of mens outdoor running shoes. Whether you run to reduce weight or just for enjoyment, a good pair of running shoes will make the difference between you being delighted with the run or giving up on your commitment and never going back. Here are a few basic tips when you go shopping for sports shoes for men online:

  • Right size: The right size is not a perfect fit when it comes to running shoes. Your feet need some space inside the shoe to move and slide when you run. When you run your feet slide forward and the toes curl up to grip the ground. A shoe that fits snugly with your feet will make your toes hurt after a while. A good way to figure out the right size is to stand with your weight distributed equally and leave a thumb’s width of space in front of the longest finger. This should roughly come to around half a size bigger than your normal day shoes. If you are buying online then it is best to go for the same shoe brand that was the most comfortable earlier than go for a new one without trying them out for comfort fit first in a normal store.
  • Arch support and flexibility: The arch of the shoe keeps you comfortable while you run. It is the difference in the level of the front to the back of the foot. The arch is the heel part of the shoe. Running shoes nowadays usually have more arch support to help you take comfortable running strides while keeping the foot in place. Professional running shoes however usually have a lower arch support but they are intended for a different style of running.
  • Cushioning: Shoe soles have become a lot more flexible and more cushioned with the use of advanced materials that provide that much needed natural bend to your feet while you run comfortably. Gone are the days of the stiff sole that used to slap on the ground and used to make your body jar at every step. Mens outdoor running shoes are nowadays made up of polyurethane that has a high elasticity to provide the perfect cushion for your running feet. The foams that are used now are also temperature independent with lighter and more breathable fabrics that work well in summer as well as in the winters.
  • How many pairs: One should have as many mens outdoor running shoes as per the days of the week you run. This is necessary for the orthopaedics of your feet to not get accustomed to a single pair of running shoes. You run a greater risk of injury when your body becomes accustomed to the same movement that one shoe provides. Changing them daily for your run will provide variety to the feet as much as varying the distance, speed and style of running. This process of buying is made easier with sports shoes for men online available for all types of brands and styles. Also depending if your track is on roads or cross country, you will need different shoes.

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