The classic among gemstones

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Diamonds are among the most famous gemstones that adorn high-quality women’s jewellery and they also make the engagement ring or wedding ring shine gracefully. Their beauty is undisputed and it is not for nothing that they are considered “a girl’s best friend”.

Engagement rings which areĀ classic diamond rings singapore have been a symbol of love and loyalty for ages. This may also be because gemstones have always been valued for their fascinating aesthetics. Diamonds are unique and high-quality gemstones with which you can give each ring a special elegance and a unique flair. And they just go with any ring material. Regardless of whether you opt for a diamond ring made of white gold or yellow gold – the pieces of jewellery are lifelong companions. It depends on the people because few like gold rings with diamonds, whereas few love rose gold as it is the latest trend. Some buy platinum rings so it is totally up to the brides and bridegroom choice which one to choose. As you wear them daily, one needs to love the rings the most.

You can decide whether you want a ring with many small stones or a solitaire, i.e. a diamond ring with a particularly large gemstone in the setting. This is the classic variant of the diamond engagement ring that we encounter again and again in the most romantic Hollywood films.

classic diamond rings singapore

The quality of the gemstone is measured by four criteria, the so-called 4 Cs. These include the purity, the weight, the colour (discoloration is often directly related to a low purity) and the cut. Of course, the shop ensures a high level of purity for all diamonds acquired, as well as an excellent cut. When you buy your diamond ring, you also have the option of using our configurator in the shop to determine the desired size and thus the number of carats according to your wishes and budget.

The right precious metal for the precious stone

Rose gold, yellow gold or white gold, the selection of precious metals for the diamond ring is large. A diamond is classically complemented with yellow or white gold in order to continue the bright and sparkling look of the gemstone with the matching precious metal. With other gold tones and alloys, you can create exciting, visual contrasts that make the gemstone more prominent. Platinum is always an alternative. Fortunately, there are no set rules here. Only your taste should decide.

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