Tips and tricks to follow while putting eye makeup and lash extensions together

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Eyelash extensions are one type of cosmetic application. They help to upgrade the fullness, length, curl, and thickness of our natural eyelashes. These expansions are generally made from materials like silk, mink, human or horsehair, etc. The primary technique for applying these expansions is by utilizing skin-friendly glue to stick it.

People wonder “can i wear eye makeup with lash extensions” after eyelash extensions. They think they can’t go for eye makeup, as already a lot goes on the eyes. But that’s not the case; one can achieve desired eye makeup just by following some basic tips and tricks. Such as;

  • Applying Eyeshadow Primer 

Eyeshadow primer is a very important part of eye makeup. To apply these synthetic brushes are used. One must make sure that the brushes we are using are extremely light and downwards pointing. It will help us to avoid any damage to the eyelash extensions.  This technique of primer application can also be used by doing with the help of a finger gently above the lash line.

can i wear eye makeup with lash extensions

  • Applying Eyeshadow

After applying eyeshadow primer comes the application of the eye shadow. In this case, one must start with a fluffy brush, which can be easily blended and tilted backward and forward for smooth application. With the help of this brush started a downwards application so that it does not clash with the extensions. In this way, one will be able to use the maximum flat surface of the eyelids without getting in contact or conflict with the beautiful extensions.

  • Applying that dramatic liner  

With this information, people will definitely gasp that you should not be using any waterproof makeup products while you are on with your false lashes. But that’s not any situation to get concerned about. It’s because today in the market one can find numerous products that are not only extensions-safe but also maintain the lash extensions. One must also remember to avoid oil-based makeup products since they can mess up the glue that is used in the false lashes. This tip is not only for a liner but also applicable for all the steps one has to follow while putting the eyeshadow and lashes together.

  • Avoid Mascara 

Apart from all these, the last but not the least step is to avoid mascara at any cost. It is because mascara is applied over the extensions and can mess up the overall look, putting one’s all efforts in vain.

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