How to prepare rice in an electric rice cooker?

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It is worth remembering that there are different types of rice and therefore the amount of water will vary. Generally the graded marks are designed for the correct amount of white rice water , although sometimes there are separate scales for brown rice , remembering that it needs more water. Even, there are electric rice cookers with marks to cook other types of food.

Types of rice cookers

Electric rice cookers –

 These are the most common click this site   and those that have been described in the previous paragraphs. They depend on electric power, they are very precise for cooking and they are fast.

Rice cookers for microwaves

 It is a container that is suitable for this kind of oven, so the rice is going to be cooked in the microwave oven.

Parts of an electric rice cooker

Power cable –

It is the one that offers power to the electrical power to the device. It is protected against heat.

Thermal fuse

It is covered with insulation and takes care of the pot in case of excessive load.

Support base

It is responsible for supporting the different parts of the pot and give it its characteristic shape.


This is the part that ensures that the temperature is always adequate during cooking.


Connects the main resistance and the thermostat. Turn the appliance on or off.

Disk or resistance

Its power is usually less than one thousand watts.

Bowl –

It is the container where the ingredients for the preparation of the rice and where they are cooked are entered.

Advantages and disadvantages of the electric rice cooker

Its main advantages are:

  • Quick and clean cooking
  • Its technology is simple, therefore, it is very difficult to spoil it
  • It is an economical and very useful device
  • Its ease of use
  • It is versatile and can even be used for other dishes
  • Its steam cooking according to the model

The main disadvantages are:

  • There is little control in the functions. Time is not controlled
  • It is bulky and in a small kitchen is not recommended
  • Because of its aesthetics, it does not always fit in the kitchen
  • Almost never the bucket has a handle to extract it, so you must wait until it cools to get it out or use protective gloves

Tips for buying electric rice cooker

  • Capacity – According to the needs in the preparation and more than anything the quantities that you want to achieve when cooking, you have to think about this variable.
  • Size – It is related to capacity. If you do not want to take up a lot of space in the kitchen and you do not need to cook a lot every day, you better choose a small model.
  • Utilization – Modern models with a single button press will be more than enough to achieve delicious rice.
  • Price – Sometimes these models do not differ much in their benefits, but in their prices. It is not always about choosing the most recognized brand.

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