Best Practices When Choosing the Ideal Shapewears

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Majority of women believe that shapewears are only meant for special occasions. This is not true. You can wear a shapewear every day to work or every time you go out. With this, it should occupy a special space in your wardrobe.

To help you choose the ideal shapewear, here are the best practices:

Think about the compression

Compression refers to the level of control. It can determine the outcome of the shapewear that is why you need to ensure that it matches your goals. There are three compression options:

  • Medium: this is also called light control. If you have some bulges and you want to smooth it out so you can wear clothes comfortably, light control is the key as it can smooth the trouble spots.
  • Medium-high: this is also called firm control. This is the perfect option if you want to accentuate your curves. These shapewears are made of supple and stretchy fabrics allowing you freedom of movement while adding subtle contours.
  • High: this is also called extra-firm. This shapewear is fantastic if you have a special occasion to attend to. You will look more toned and sturdy.

Determine the area you want to boost

Choosing shapewear is also a matter of location. For instance, if you want an all-over sleeker shape, you should try bodysuits. If you want to get rid of bra bulges and muffin tops – at least temporarily, you should look for a shaping camisole. Finally, if you have extra bulk or flat bum, you could use smoothing panties.

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Always stick to your true size

It is crucial that you choose according to your true size. It is a common misconception that a smaller size will allow you to get a more sculpted look. If you think like this, you will end up getting the opposite – bulges. With this, it is imperative that you choose according to your true size.

You have to pick shapewear with extreme compression. If it is made in your size, you will look up to 3x sleeker without compromising movement or comfort. There is a chart that you can consider as a reference.

Choose styles that enhance the shape of your body

Whatever your body shape, there is shapewear for you.

  • Apple-shaped body: an apple-shaped body is characterised by a heavier upper body but narrower hips and a shorter torso. If you have this body type, the ideal shapewear is shaping camisole.
  • Pear-shaped body: a pear-shaped body is characterised by lesser bust measurements than the waist. If you have this body type, the ideal shapewear is tight-shaper.
  • Rectangle-shaped body: a rectangle-shaped body is characterised by the same measurements. If you have this body type, the ideal shapewear is rear-enhancing briefs.
  • Hourglass-shaped body: hourglass-shaped body refers to a corresponding bust and hip. If you have this body type, the ideal shapewear is a shaping bodysuit.

Read reviews

There are many choices online but before you check out or settle payment you should read Shapermint Reviews. The reviews will give you insights about the overall performance of the shapewear from the size to material, durability, price, and comfort. By spending time reading, you will also know the experiences of other users – good or bad.

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