Do You Need A Women Silk Robe Or The Other One

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Interestingly, bathrobes are probably the most stylish yet comfortable apparel ever designed. Undoubtedly there is nothing more relaxing than lounging in your favorite robe and enjoying your day or getting ready for work. However, the way silk material appears on women’s bodies and makes them look flattering is truly appreciable. When it comes to luxury, there is nothing as magnificent as women silk robe. Moreover, to clear out one of the most common misconceptions about silk bathrobes that only women buy these, to your surprise, there is a large collection for men as well.

However, amidst the sparkle and shine of silk a common question that appears is that; do I really need a silk bathrobe or a cotton one will work too? This article is truly dedicated to providing answers to your questions.

women silk robe

Comparing on the basis of fabric:

  1. Silk: In general, silk and satin bathrobes are highly renowned for their soft and smooth texture. They emit elegance and add charm to the person who is wearing them. Moreover, they are extremely lightweight, feel comfortable on the skin and do not restrict the body’s movements. However, silk and chenille robes have less water-absorbing capacity when compared with the other fabrics such as microfibers. A silk robe is ideal for summers because it feels light and allows movement of air. They make women’s bodies appear more alluring and enchanting.
  2. Cotton: Fabrics like Turkish cotton and Egyptian cotton have been around for a long time. These fabrics are ideal for making bathrobes and towels. They have up to the mark water-absorbing capacity and thus are an ideal choice for sweaty summers. They are soft and provide warmth during winters. However, cotton robes are bulky and heavier than other fabrics. In addition to this, many pure cotton robes also shrink after the first wash.
  3. Microfiber: Microfiber robes are a new release in the market and were made through unique technology. Their size can be as small as 1/6th of a human hair. The bathrobes made out of microfibers are considered to be more lightweight and pleasant to breathe as compared to other synthetic fabrics. Just like cotton, microfiber also has excellent water absorbing qualities which make it ideal for the spa. However, these can be pretty expensive than other bathrobes.

Thus, it is clear that there are bathrobes for every weather. With such a wide miscellaneous collection of robes available in the market, it is not an easy task to pick one. If women silk robe is great lingerie wear and provide a smooth texture on the skin, cotton robes are excellent water absorbers. Every type of fabric has some drawbacks to it.

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