Popular Jean Types For You To Try

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Jeans is a garment with different washes, colours and styles transcend time to become indispensable in all wardrobes. From its creation until today jeans became a daily part in the clothing of all generations, tastes and social classes. Sometimes when you go to buy a pair of pants you come across many different words like “tube”, “straight”, “skinny”, “boot cut “, “tight”, “relaxed”, etc. Maybe it would be easier if it was just “tight”, “straight” or “wide”, but if there is something positive about having a great variety of cuts, it is precisely that they adapt to the body types of all people, because body shapes are as many as there are the sand in the sea.

Based on this, today we are going to discuss the popular jeans type you can consider to try as per your body.

Skinny Jeans

The slim fit means that you will have a slim fit, meaning that you will not be wide along the leg. Skinny is a type of jeans made to go closer to the body, leaving little space between the skin and the fabric. Most of them are designed stretchable so that you can easily wear them irrespective of their ankles.

Slim Fit

A slim fit is a good option for those who do not feel comfortable wearing skinny, and although wide or straight cuts are comfortable to carry out different activities in an extra comfortable way when it comes to dressing casually. Men and women can wear skinny, slim fit, straight or wide, regardless of their body type.

Straight Jeans

As the name, concise straight jeans is similar to cigarette jeans the only difference is it has extended ankles. Straight jeans will give you a more retro look and look great with a high-waisted duo. The great thing about it is that this type of jean compliments every possible body shape. It looks great on slim as well as on a pear-shaped body. So this is a must-have in your wardrobe.


Boyfriend jeans are ideal for relaxed, carefree days when you just want to feel that extra comfort. Wear them with a white t-shirt and you will have a very cool, basic and extremely comfortable outfit. Save this look for your shopping or other fun outdoor activities.

Ripped Jeans

This type of jeans gives you a relaxed and fresh look and they are perfect for casual daytime looks. Wear them with tennis, sandals, and heels. They really go well with all kinds of footwear and all you need to do is add a nice top to look fabulous and stylish. Ripped jeans are in trend from the time they hit the market.

So, now you know the trendy and popular jean design choose one which meets your style and gives you more comfort.

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