A Guide to Buying Prescription Glasses Online

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If you want to conveniently buy discount prescription glasses, you should try online. The good news is that there are many optical shops online that can help in your journey – you just need to find the right one.

To help you get started, here’s a guide to buying prescription glasses online:

Prepare an up-to-date prescription

If you want to purchase online, you need to send an up-to-date prescription to ensure that you are ordering the right one. You must know that when the doctor makes a prescription, the standard validity is 2 years for adults and 1 year for children. The prescription will include some of the following abbreviations:

  • OD (Oculus Dexter): this refers to the right eye.
  • OS (Oculus Sinister): this refers to the left eye.
  • SPH (Sphere): this will signify the amount of lens power, which is prescribed to correct farsightedness (+) or nearsightedness (-).
  • ADD: this refers to the added magnifying power, which is applied to the bottom part of the lens to correct presbyopia.
  • CYL (Cylinder): this indicates the amount of lens power, which is for astigmatism.
  • Axis: this is required for astigmatism. It describes the cylindrical power positioning of your lenses.

Get the measurement of PD (Pupillary Distance)

After, you need to get the measurement of PD. PD refers to the distance between your pupils and it is usually gauged in millimeters. To ensure the right positioning of the lenses on your eyeglasses, the online optical shop needs your PD.

Although you can take the measurement, it will be tricky. It is better for the optometrist to take the measurement for accuracy. Generally, PD falls between 54 and 68 millimeters.

Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Choose the right frame

If at this point you are not sure what frame to consider, you should remember that opposites attract. You should choose eyeglasses that are in contrast with your facial contours – it should bring symmetry and balance to your features. Another thing to consider is your skin tone. You should select a shade that is closest to your skin tone to accentuate your features.

Assess your lifestyle

Now that you know technical aspects, it is time that you pick frames that will fit your personal style or lifestyle. This is easy because you just need to look at your personal or professional needs. For instance, creative professionals can rely on rudy project sunglasses.

Avoid add-ons

Prescription glasses are not cheap – in fact, it can cost hundreds of dollars. The good news is you can do something to keep the cost of glasses down. You should avoid unnecessary add-ons like anti-reflective coating, anti-scratch, polycarbonate lens and many more.  It is practical to figure out what you really need and compare the price with three or four different retailers for the same model.

Place your order

After picking the model and learning about the refund and return policy, you can finally place your order. The delivery time will depend on the retailer but it will surely be delivered at your doorstep.

Final words

Buying online is convenient with many selections but you can also consider buying offline. If you buy offline, you will have professional help. This will make things easier.

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