Most Popular Watch Styles That Every Man Should Know

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If you want to buy a watch but you have no idea which is the perfect fit for your personality and style, then this article is definitely for you! Choosing a wristwatch is not as simple as you think. There are factors that you have to consider. One of them is the different watch styles. If you think you do not any of these, then take a look at the guide below to help you pick the best watch for you.

Watch Styles For Men

There are different watches Hong Kong online stores and they usually showcase their best styles. It is important that you know each of them so that it would be easier for you to pick a suitable style for your personality. So here are the watch styles that every man should know:

  • Dress Watch: Its major function is to complement a suit or your formal wear. Timekeeping is not a concern for men who wear dress watches. This type of watch doesn’t always have a second hand. But if you want simplicity, this is the watch that you should go for. When choosing one, it should be well proportioned to your wrist. You wouldn’t want your watch to attract other people’s attention. It should also be slim enough to slip in and out of your dress shirt cuff.
  • Field Watch: This is what a man in the military would wear. Field watches are made to be rugged. In the past, field watches have a stainless steel case. The modern versions now have PVD coatings and titanium construction. The watch should also be readable even at night or under low light conditions. Field watches usually have a high contrast black dial and white numbers. These are usually a leather watch or the bands are commonly canvas or leather so they can be easily changed when damaged.

Watches Hong Kong

  • Aviator Watch: The original aviator watches were worn by pilots and they are repurposed field watches. They need to be accurate and readable. They are identified by their black dials, hand-wound movements, and large white numbers.
  • Dive Watch: This is by far one of the most produced watches for men. It is meant for accurate timekeeping which is very important when you are underwater with a limited supply of air. This is why divers are demanding for high-quality dive watches. A diver’s watch must also have impressive water resistance. The case and band are usually corrosion resistant which is why it is made of either stainless steel, silicone, titanium, or rubber. The bands are longer than the other styles so that it would fit perfectly over your dive equipment.
  • Racing Watch: A racing watch is meant to be flashier. They usually have more exotic color and different style options. But this is definitely not suitable for formal dinners and events. The flashier the watch is, the more casual it becomes. When wearing a racing watch, you should dress accordingly. For a racing watch, look for the chronograph and the tachymeter.

Now that you know the 5 different watch styles, you should already be able to figure out which would be perfect for your personality and fashion style. Again, there are so many to choose from, but if you know what you are looking for, you can never go wrong.

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