8 Incredibly Cool Mobile Covers With Evil & Dark Shades

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If you’re addicted to collecting things sporting evil shades or dark patterns,  you can’t leave this quirky yet stylish range of covers unnoticed featured in this article.

Since your phone is one true investment, you cannot change it on a daily basis. Nevertheless,  you have a choice to give it an instant  makeover at any point in time. So don’t overlook the must-have accessory “The Mobile Back Cover” that cheers up your underlying swag with utmost excellence. After all, you deserve to look awesome despite whatever style you love to carry. Hence, let’s plunge into the article without further ado and choose the best option for your smartphone.

Smile With The Joker Laugh Cover

Come on! You can’t overlook this badass cover featuring the Joker laugh on a dark theme. The overall printed figure indeed looks real, beyond those ordinary options. If you glance at the details, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from feeling it in real, right away in your hands. Your phone will look kick-ass stylish, and you’ll be thankful for your decision to choose this cover.

Wink New Cover

Look incredibly stylish and give a dramatic touch to your smartphone’s overall dressing with this Wink New Cover. A naughty smile on the yellow surface with a matte finish is making this cover simply look elegant. The playful smile provides an attention-grabbing appeal to this cover, and undoubtedly your phone will look more than just stylish.

dark patterns

Unleash the Beast with this cover

Follow the message of the cover and unleash the beast inside you. Don’t look fake; let that personality come out, and be the way you are. Even though the society is  unable to digest your coolness, go ahead, and showcase your real-identity. The cover makes you look classy, and you feel dominant while carrying it with the phone in your hand. The overall black and grey color texture is quite remarkable.

Neon Paint Mellow Cover

Try out dark shades with vibrant color fusion and give your old-fashioned smartphone a cutting-edge style. This neon paint mellow mobile cover is going to become a special thing for you because it’ll spice up the grace of your phone. The pink and blue color combination on a black theme is delivering a killing look to this cover. Undoubtedly, it’s a thing you were looking for a long time.

Make “Bad Choices” Cover

You can’t deny the real fact sculpted on this cover. If you fear taking action as it’s wrong in others’ views but right according to you, follow the advice. That being said, ‘bad choices make good stories.’ If you’re confident enough on this statement, then end up buying this product highlighting similar to your personal opinions.

“Apni Hatti To Sabki Fatti” Mobile Cover

Don’t skip this mobile cover if you haven’t yet explored the detailing of it. The overall look of this cover is quite magnificent, thanks to its high-definition texture. The black shade provides a pleasant touch to the surface beyond doubt, making it an accessory you needed for sure. For your Samsung m51, this cover is going to be the best thing that it’ll be trying ever in the decades.

Stay Wild Samsung Galaxy m51 Cover

Stay wild with this samsung m51 cover. Don’t let that inner naughty personality quickly vanish from your life; it always cheers you up from the inside in the bad time. You can’t feel panic because you’re born to look confident and stylish, so try out this ‘stay wild’ cover for your phone to remember the most critical ‘mantra’ of your life.

Normal is Boring Cover

You can’t stay normal because it isn’t you in real, nor you should have to be. You’ve your underlying style that always busts out with your naughtiness. So instead of hampering that fun-giving feeling, purchase this mobile cover with the tagline ‘normal is boring’, making it quite familiar to your style-profile.

Final words

If you’ve truly loved these insane mobile covers looking unique with their evil and dark textures, then without thinking twice, you should end up visiting Bewakoof.com. It’s the only hotspot of covers where you’ll find a durable yet stylish suit for your smartphone. It’s the favorite destination of all your friends. They’ll not reveal it to you because they want to look unique, and Bewakoof.com makes them look so. If you also want to know the secret behind their fashionable attire, then have a look at this fantastic website right now.

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