6 Gift Wrapping Ideas to Add that Extra Sparkle during Christmas

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Wrap like a professional, this is what everyone wants to achieve! And when these are Christmas gifts, then who is stopping you? Along with the twinkling lights, stocking setups, and lots of food, your well-wrapped gifts also tone up your holiday so beautifully. And Christmas gift Singapore has to be wrapped elegantly and with a touch of style in it. You can put some gift toppers or even put Christmas Stamps on kid’s craft basins, the choice is all yours. Show off your creativity during this Christmas and make your festival even an engaging one!

Gift wrapping ideas You should try out

  1. Cookie Tags

Cookies are the festivity thing and you can use them anywhere! Why no take a gingerbread cookie and turn it into a tag? Just ice it and write the recipient’s name on the top! The recipient will munch off the cookie and there is no wastage at all.

  1. Road Maps

These kinds of wrapping papers are for the travel freaks! Life is a journey and these papers show it most charmingly. Keep an old road map and turn it into a wrapper. Keep it simple by pulling out a thread through a vintage looking button or even a cute bow on top of the gift!

  1. Natural gift toppers

For Christmas Gift Singapore, the natural gift toppers are always there to make your gift look beautiful! But instead of going for the bow ties, try out holly sprigs, pinecones, or pine branches and give them as gift toppers. You can put them against brown parcel papers to outshine the look. Depending on what you are placing inside, you can also give a sweet fragrance to the gift.

Christmas gift Singapore

  1. Cookie Envelopes

If you plan to give a gift card but uniquely, to make the person feel extra special, The Christmas Cookie Envelopes look so mesmerizing under the sturdy card stocks. Also, use pretty papers, and then you can seal the whole thing with a sticker. Also, the sticker can be something related to Christmas.

  1. Polka Dots wrapping

Many will be expecting plaid paper wrapping, so surprise them using polka dots paper for wrapping. Have some polka dot designs and it doesn’t have to be red or green. The right amount of polka dots make your Christmas tree also lighten when you put it underneath.

  1. Hand-painted wraps

Take a plain paper and you can hand paint it with pastel hues and secure it with a silky ribbon. Use the paper pouches and cover up the coffee tables with cookbooks. You can gift a custom gift envelope dress up like card gifts as well.


These are some amazing gift-wrapping Ideas. Pick out one and use it for your closed ones!

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