Mini Guide To Leather Jacket Styles

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The leather jackets have managed to remain in trend consistently for all of these years because they are truly classic and versatile. Believe us, they are not going out of style any time soon. This is why men leather bomber jackets are a common wardrobe staple of men of all ages. If you do not already have one, you must definitely add it to your collection right away. This is the jacket that you must own to set a bold statement about your personality. Not just bomber jackets, you can find various other styles of men leather jackets in the market. You must purchase the one that best suits your personality. Check out the various styles of leather jackets mentioned below and then hunt the one that you like the most.

Classic leather jacket- The evergreen trend- This is the most simple yet brilliant looking leather jacket out there. The only thing that you need to take care of when buying this one is picking the right fit of the jacket. Since its simplicity is what sets it apart, you have to pay extra attention to fitting details- the right chest size, appropriate sleeve length, and more. Men who like to keep it simple yet stylish prefer to buy classic leather jackets because of their unending charm. In comparison to other styles of leather jackets, this is not for making bold statements.

bomber jackets

Biker jacket- The tough look- Originally, these jackets were only worn by motorcyclists because they were cropped near the waist which allowed the bikers to lean easily while riding the bike. Simply wearing it over the simplest looking outfits is enough to give you an edge. Since there are many detailing in the biker jackets, such as zip, buckles, chains, and more, it tends to be eye-catching and alluring. More often than not, the collars of a biker jacket are large and flappy. This is the jacket to buy if you are looking for something that can be worn throughout the day for an outing with friends or night for attending a concert.

Bomber jacket- The pilot jacket- This was the style of leather jackets that came to be made for pilots of fighter planes during the world war. Similar to classic jackets, men leather bomber jackets are also quite plain with elasticated wrists and waist. These are perfect for wearing to a ball game or even for a lunch with the family. It is only recently that it has become a hot seller piece and there are more than just a few ways in which it can be worn.

Racer jacket- The one for the race- Racer leather jackets were also made just for racing initially. This was just after World War II ended when the men started racing bikes to and from the pubs for fun. This was when the leather jacket manufacturers came up with this style of the minimalist jacket which comes with a big zip for enhanced protection. The best thing about racer jackets is that they are usually slim fit and best for those with broad shoulders. The reason why they are termed minimalist jackets is that they do not have a lot of details and look flattering over the body.  

Racer jacket

Flight jacket- As the name suggests, flight jackets were first manufactured for use by pilots. They come with an attached shearling lining for more warmth. Now, you can commonly spot men wearing them because they are both warm and fashionable. If you happen to be living in a colder region, this is the best jacket for you. Do not wear too many layers of clothes with it because it is very warm in itself.

Field jacket- Field jackets were originally manufactured as one of the military wears. Initially, it was made using cotton drill fabric but later was made in leather as well. This leather jacket has multiple pockets and is longer in comparison to other leather jackets out there. If you are a lover of all things fashionable and trendy, this one is a must-have leather jacket for you.

How to rightly wear leather jackets?

  • Pick the right style of the leather jacket. Do not purchase what everyone is buying; buy that style of the jacket which looks best on your body.
  • If you want to buy a leather jacket to pair it with almost all of the clothes in your wardrobe, buy regular black and brown shades of jackets. If you would like to experiment with your look, you can go on to buy quirky shades such as red, green, purple, and more.
  • Do not make the mistake of pairing your leather jacket with something too extravagant as both of these together might make you look too dressy and showy.
  • Take proper care of your leather jackets if you want them to last long. If you properly care for them, they will only get better with every use.
  • Always hang the leather jacket on a hanger and never fold it.

We hope this guide will help you to pick the right style of jacket. Make sure you purchase from a trusted manufacturer so that there are no issues with the quality of the jacket.

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