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No matter how straightforward people are, it is an undeniable fact that everyone wants to look beautiful. The eyes are sensitive sense organs that show the world to us and are the ultimate symbol of beauty. Long curvy eyelashes enhance the beauty of the eyes.  Stacy lashes, with its all-new eyelash products,offers several quality eyelash products and professional mink eyelash extensions.

Eyelashes are becoming increasingly popular, and there are different types of eyelashes one can choose from. Eyelashes can be differentiated according to the quality of the material used.  There are, importantly,four types of eyelash materials used in the lash making.

They are:

Silk lashes, Mink lashes, Human hair lashes, and synthetic lashes.

professional mink eyelash extensions

Silk lashes:

Silk lashes are the lightest and the most flexible lashes. They are made of a type of silk that is very light weighted.


They are Light weighted and last long. They add beauty to the eyes and are advantageous to those who have fragile lashes and want light-weighted and straightforward lashes.


If you are the one who likes that glossy and stylish look, then this may not be the ones for you as they are very light and give you a simple look. They are available in limited cons and do not offer a thick layer.

When can you use them?

They can be used by the people who want a simple yet elegant look and have thin lashes.  As the cons are few, they don’t give a fluffy look yet put the style in place — best for special occasions and parties.

Mink lashes:

Mink lashes are those made of faux mink or natural mink. These are little expensive as the extensions are long. They are made specially by some salons, but you need to check the ingredients they are made of. They are made up of synthetic fibers and imitate real mink.


Though getting real Mink is tough these days they look more like natural Mink.  So they give an authentic natural look that is simple and cute to watch. They are ideal for daily wear.


However thickly you apply them, they give you a simple look. So these may fail to provide you with that dramatic look. If you are the one who like that sassy look these may not be the best pick.

When can you use them?

These are also yet another ideal one for a calm and straightforward look. Even if you have thin lashes, they can fit you well giving a complete look.

Synthetic lashes:

These are artificial lashes made from a material called polished acrylic. These are strong and full and offer a great look for the user.


They are the strongest of all.

Give you a dramatic look; stylish

Chances of breakage are less.


Not suitable for everyday use as they are heavy and too dramatic.

Artificial look.

When can you use them?

Best suited for those with thick lashes and wish for even thicker ones.

As there are many options available, customers can pick the best ones suitable for their needs. But while applying, make sure you take professional help.

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