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No matter whether you are buying wigs for your medical reasons or for styling yourself, you should be aware of all types of wigs. These days, wearing wigs have become more common and at first people used to think that wigs are meant only for chemotherapy patients but these days, people are using them for glam up their looks. The fact that why people prefer to buy wigs or false hairs is when they are disappointed with their natural hair, like when they experience severe hair loss, when they miss the natural bounce and more.

Choosing the right that fits you perfectly is a daunting task than finding the right place to buy one. If you are looking for purchasing wigs for you then you have to go for one that suits you well. You can buy one in brick and mortar stores and if you have no time to visit the land based shops, then there are online websites which are specially designed for you to purchase wigs. There are various types of wigs, before finalizing one, it is advisable for you to know all its types and pick one and online shops, you can buy any of these types.

  1. Synthetic wigs – When you want to buy a wig that looks so natural as human hair then you should consider purchasing synthetic lace front wigs which have a skin like material in a few areas like front, top and crown area.
  2. Custom breathable base – This is a good option for people who have lost their hair fully and it will offer the perfect fit and comfort to the wearers.
  3. Hand tied synthetic – The base material for this type of wig is synthetic fiber and in this type, the hair grown pattern is permanently set and thus most of the women prefer to buy them during their special occasion.
  4. Human hair tied – This type of wigs has various base materials such as silk, mesh, and silicone. In order to get a non slip look, then you have to use a thin transparent tape to adhere.
  5. Human machine made – This type of wig needs more time to style up just like the real hair. You have to use good shampoo to was it and comb it regularly after washing so that it will last longer.
  6. Vacuum base – This type will cost a little more but will be the exact replica of human hair and is best for those who has no hair. The base material of this is silicone and they can customize to fit your head.

Therefore, add more durability and prolong your wigs by following instructions and guidelines that are offered by wig manufacturer at the time of purchasing one.

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