Deciding On A Haircut? Here’s A Guide For Men!

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Men are used to having the same old type of haircut that they have grown used to. Sometimes, they will have this for years before finally deciding to give ‘change’ a chance. However, we all know that there is no single haircut style that would fit every man. This is why it is very important that you find the best hairdressers near Brunswick Victoria for your new haircut.

But before you schedule an appointment at your favorite hair salon or barbershop in Brunswick, Victoria, here are some tips that can be very helpful when deciding on a haircut style:

The Face Shape Matters

One of the most important factors when choosing a haircut is to get to know your face shape. Different hairstyles will suit different face shapes too. So make sure that you know what your face shape is before you step into a barbershop.

How to determine your face shape?

The best way is to measure it. You can take a tape measure and measure your kaw width, your forehead, and also the length of your cheekbone to the other cheekbone. Then, take the average of these measurements.

  • You have a round face shape if the length is the same as the width average.
  • A man has an oval-shaped face if the length is about 1.5 times longer compared to the width average.
  • This is the face shape when the length is more than 1.5 times longer than the width average.
  • This face shape’s length is close to the width average. But the jaw is the widest part of the face.
  • Men with diamond-shaped faces have their cheeks the widest part of their faces.
  • Men with a pointy chin and wider jaw compared to the forehead, then they have a triangle face shape.

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Haircut By Face Shape

Now that you know how to measure your face shape, it is time to learn which haircut will match it. Here are some tips for you:

  • Oval Face. If you are born with this face shape, you are lucky. Why? Because it will suit almost all the hairstyles! What you just need to avoid is to have long fringes because this can make your face look rounder. Push it back or choose a hairstyle that will enhance the facial features that you want to flaunt.
  • Round Face. For round-shaped faces, choose a hairstyle that can give you sharp angles and added volume. You have to make the sides shorter while keeping the top longer to make your face look longer. Create a side part too. Just avoid haircuts that have full fringes or those with buzzcuts.
  • Oblong Face. If you are born with this face shape, then you can rock quite a lot of hairstyles except the ones that are very short and tight on the sides. You can also try a hairstyle that is longer on the sides and layer at the tops.
  • Square Face. Men who have square face shapes can suit all hairstyles. Whether they want to have sharp or with angle hairstyles, or maybe they want to rock a buzzcut look. Everything will look awesome.
  • Diamond/Triangle Face. These face shapes will look better with shorter hair on the sides and keeping it longer on the top. They will also look good with modern fades or undercut look.

Knowing your face shape as well as the hairstyle types that would suit you best is very important. Having a hairstyle that will not fit your face shape can turn into a disaster. So before you have an appointment with your hairstylist, review the information above.

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