The Greatest Joy Of Father With His Daughter In His Life

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In everyone’s life, there will be one person who encourages them and supports in every situation but in girl’s life there is that one person who cares, encourages, supports and most importantly makes them happy. Through laughter, worry, smiles and tears, a sense of trust that can’t be broken is father’s love. It’s really hard to understand the love of a father towards his daughter because it’s the most precious love in the world. When we are in the father’s place and see their daughter through their eyes only then we would realize how special a daughter is for a father. A father holds his daughter’s hands and makes her learn everything, every child needs a gentle hand to guide them as they grow. Daughters believe that no one holds their hand and guides them as their father guides. As girls grow up the father teaches the things to keep her safe from danger every day. Every father tries to remind her daughter, is that whenever life tries to knock you down, remember your father is always with you. Daughters are loved by there father when they were little, and a wonderful woman and the wonderful daughter always.

 As time goes on, all will grow up and the children will not be little anymore. A son gets married and stays with his family and parents together in his own house but a daughter leaves her native place and starts living her new life with a new person in her life which is the toughest part of her life. The father of the bride feels happy in the marriage by seeing her daughter married with a perfect person and his responsibility towards his daughter will be less. This shows in father of bride speeches. When we look back we see a lot of memories in our life but in every girl’s life her every beautiful memory will be with her father. Daughter is not a burden for the father but the systematic rule is followed by our ancestors to send the bride to the groom’s place and it can’t be changed. Seeing the daughter’s wedding is a great day for the father to smile more and worry less and also being his best version. Father’s see their mother in his daughter that’s the reason why they feel happy when they are with their daughters.

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