Zippers by Specific Length for DIY Specialists and Tailors

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At this point, you surely know how important it is to choose the most suitable zipper for the sewing project you are planning. Would you believe that zippers can easily make or break your final product?

Considerations for Zipper Length

Many zippers are being sized in lengths at intervals of 2 inches. The length that is marked on the packaging of the zipper refers to the zipper’s length and not the specific length of the cloth tape that the zipper has been attached to. For example, if you want to design a bag, the opening that you need should be longer than the zipper’s length to give way for the space required at the tips of the zipper.

By checking the zipper packages as well as the one that you are planning to replace, chances are you will discover that the replacement zipper isn’t available in the exact same length. A good choice here is to just make the non-separating zipper short in order to cater to your needs.

You can shorten the separating zipper if you turn under the zipper’s top and trim in the seam allowance area. You should keep the bottom part of the separating zipper in proper intact to allow it to open and close.

All Purpose Zippers

All purpose zippers are the most popular and widely available zippers. These are fairly lightweight zippers that feature small teeth. The tip has a lock holding together the zipper tape so that the ends don’t come apart.

Separating Zippers

A separating zipper opens at the bottom to allow both of the zipper’s side to come apart like jacket zippers. The required separating zippers will depend on the garment. Teeth weight and length are the main considerations. These zippers are available in reversible zippers as well.

Invisible Zippers

Invisible zippers are zippers featuring very fine teeth. These are sewn into the garment in a way that it won’t be seen and tucked away under the seam. The pull tab is the only visible part that is less obtrusive or smaller than other zipper types.

Specialty Zippers

Sleeping bags all have long separating zippers. These sleeping bag zippers are in black color with a length of 100 inches. Other specialty zippers include zippers for doll clothes, purses or handbags, and coveralls. You cannot find these zippers at department stores. These specialty zippers are available in fabric stores. They might not be on hand but they can place a special order for them.

Trouser Zippers

Trouser zippers are sewn into pants. These are made with polyester coil woven in the zipper tape with closed bottom so that the zipper’s bottom won’t separate. Trouser zippers have strong locks to prevent awkward moments.

Jeans Zippers

These zippers feature a low profile slider and brass teeth for the covering flap to lay smoothly. These are strong and durable zippers to match the jeans’ durability and the stress on zippers when worn skin tight.

If you are still unsure about the specific zipper length that you need, you can always opt for zippers by the yard and simplify things.

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