What is silk and why is it a versatile fabric?

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Silk- the most beautiful and glossy fabric that is loved by all. No wonder it is called the queen of textiles. The feel of silk against our skin is indeed extraordinary. It has a baby-soft touch and feels very light.

Silk is a natural fiber and is protein-based, namely, fibroin. It is produced by insects like silworms as part of the weaving of their cocoons. Though spun by a small insect, it is interesting to note that silk is one of the strongest fibers.

Features of silk fabric

  • Strength- Silk is known for its durability for so many years now. This is due to the length of the fibers. It is woven as long and continuous strands and thus make it more strong than other fabrics.
  • Shine- The main quality based on its looks is the sheen of the fabric. It is glossy and is attractive among the many other varieties of fabrics.

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  • Breathable- silk fabric is very lightweight and easily breathable. For this reason, you will feel comfortable wearing silk even for the entire day. It absorbs 30% of its weight in moisture and allows your skin to breathe. silk face masks are made with this property in mind.
  • Temperature regulation- Silk helps in maintaining the body temperature by making you feel cool in summers and warm in winters. This insulation property of silk makes it an all-weather fabric.
  • Non- allergenic- There are some people who have allergies to certain types of fabrics. But silk is hypoallergenic; one feature that facilitates making of athleisure yoga wear.
  • Dries quickly- Silk dries quickly because of its thin and absorbent nature. Its surface resists oil and is also wrinkle-resistant.

Main uses of silk

  • Bridal wear- Due to its silky shine silk is the most sought-after fabric for bridal gowns. It is so smooth and can be easily draped. Silk bridal wear makes you look stunning on your important day.
  • Ties and scarves- Due to their thermal regulatory property, silk is suitable for making scarves. Also, its strength makes it a good choice for making ties. Ties and scarves made with silk are durable and can be woven in many colors and patterns.
  • Furnishing- You can decorate your home with beautiful furnishings and cushion covers made of silk. They stand out due to the texture and richness.
  • Sutures- Silk has unique applications in medicine. Silk is not absorbed by the body and also the body does not produce any autoimmune response. So, silk is used for surgical suturing.

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