Tips for choosing perfectly suitable swim goggles

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If you cannot get around without glasses in your day-to-day life, why take the risk of jumping in the water with blurry vision? No matter if you plan to swim recreationally or professionally, your eyes should be able to see clearly while swimming. Thankfully, these days there are several prescription swimming goggles that can help protect your eyes in the water. Put simply; swim goggles consist of lenses that help swimmers to see well. Here’re tips that can assist you in choosing the best pair.

They should fit perfectly

Swimming goggles that do not fit properly can prove to be useless. They should have plastic lens seals, an adjustable bridge, and an adjustable strap to make them comfortable as well as a perfect fit.

Adjustable strap plays a crucial role in ensuring that your goggles don’t skip off while swimming and remain on your face securely. For ensuring that the lenses remain evenly spaced around the eyes, the bridge should fit perfectly on the nose. An adjustable bridge can make things easy. You won’t have to think and worry about water entering your lenses if you choose goggles with a plastic lens seal.

prescription swimming goggles

Specially designed prescription lenses have a variety of features

Like sunglasses, even swim goggles are available with various lens features for swimming enthusiasts.

If you plan to enter unknown waters, you should consider opting for an anti-fog variant of lenses. You would be able to see clearly and avoid accidents while underwater. You won’t have to worry about fog accumulation on lenses.

If you are considering entering a lake or ocean, you can opt for darker tinted lenses. On the other hand, a light-colored lens can be ideal for use while swimming in the pool. Overall, tinted lenses can be perfect to be used for swimming in various water bodies.

Remember, you need to worry more about exposure to the summer sun while in water. Besides direct sunlight, you remain exposed to sun rays reflecting in the water as well. Thus, it is always a superb decision to opt for swim goggles with UVB, UVA protection to block the UV rays.

Nearsighted and farsighted

There are swimming goggles available for nearsighted as well as farsighted swimmers. Goggles with negative (-) diopters corrective lenses for nearsighted swimmers are readily available online. On the other hand, only selected retailers provide goggles for farsighted swimmers. If you wish to buy the same online, consider visiting GogglesNmore to take a look at their collection.

Is using swim goggles necessary?

Remember, light behaves differently in air and water. Thus, objects appear closer and more extensive than their actual size in water. Your hand-eye coordination can ultimately go for a toss while swimming if you are unable to see correctly.

Your eye care specialist will provide a different prescription for swim goggles. There’s a reason behind the same. The distance between your eyes and the swimming goggles’ lens is different compared to the distance between your eyes and eyeglasses lenses that you wear daily.

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