The Main Factors You Need to Consider When Ordering Custom Coffee Cups

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Are you thinking of opening a restaurant or a coffee shop business? Do you want to ensure that you bring your customers the best service and provide them the satisfaction they deserve? If so, then you’ll need to complete your restaurant or coffee shop supplies! One of the everyday things you need to have is custom coffee cups, mainly used for take-out cups. If you have many customers ordering their hot drinks on the go, then it’s a necessity that you don’t want to skip. That’s because your customers will be able to bring their hot drinks anywhere they want!

When you order take-out cups for your hot drinks, there are factors you need to consider. How are your customers going to hold their hot drinks without getting burnt? Will it have designs or your logo on it? And so much more. So if you want to know what factors you need to consider, read on to find out.

Hot Cup Sleeves

For hot coffee drinkers, they hate getting their fingers burnt. In addition, they can’t enjoy their drinks more thoroughly if they can’t hold them properly. That’s why custom cup sleeves are an excellent option for many reasons. Not only are they cost-effective when ordered in big batches, but they can also save you on storage space since they can be folded flat. Most of all, a standard coffee cup sleeve can fit many sizes of cups, such as the 12, 16, and 20 oz!

The Main Factors You Need to Consider When Ordering Custom Coffee Cups

Double-Insulated Groove Cups

If you’re searching for a coffee cup that can especially keep a drink hot or cold for a more extended period, then double-insulated grooved cups are the best choice. The grooves of the cup’s purpose are to separate from the cup wall while allowing more airflow. That’s because if the sleeve and cup are against each other, customers will still feel the heat of the drink. But with slight separation, their hands will stay cool. The pricing varies because some want to have it in different colors with prints on them. So these are much expensive than the standard ones.

Coffee Cups with Lids

Finally, you’ll want to consider a manufacturer that offers coffee cups with lids. What’s the use of a take-out cup if it doesn’t have a cover on them? These will prevent spillage, especially if your customers are drinking it on their way to work. Plus, it keeps the heat from escaping. So your customers will be able to enjoy their hot coffee with the protection it needs. So make sure that you order custom coffee cups with lids all the time.

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