The gas water heater for propane gas

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The gas water heater for propane gas

When it comes to comfort in your own four walls, warm water is indispensable.One option is gas water heaters for propane gas . Like an automatic rv water heater, the devices can be used almost anywhere and work independently of the heating or gas connection. They work more cheaply than their electric counterparts, ensure a high level of water hygiene and are even available in a mobile version. By calculating the cost of hot water , you can see your savings.

Gas water heater for propane gas: How it works

A water heater is a device that brings drinking water to higher temperatures when required. While electrical systems conduct the cool water through a heating rod, gas flow heaters for propane gas use a burner. This works with liquid gas . When consumers open the tap, for example to wash their hands or take a shower, cold drinking water flows through the instantaneous water heater. The burner starts (often battery operated) and brings the water to the preset temperature. A regulation ensures that this is not exceeded and that the devices never consume more gas than is actually necessary.

The fuel is stored in propane gas bottles or liquefied gas tanks

A particular advantage of the gas rv hot water heater for propane gas is the great independence. Because the devices work with liquid gas, which can be stored in gas bottles or tanks. Unlike natural gas, which only comes into the house via a public gas supply line, liquid gas can be used very flexibly in every region. And that even when it comes to flood or water protection areas. The propane gas itself can be delivered by tank trucks, for example. If you want to operate the water heater with liquefied gas from gas bottles, you can buy it online as well as at many hardware stores, petrol stations or fuel dealers.

Exhaust gases and combustion air from the gas water heater for propane gas

Gas water heaters are available today for use indoors or outdoors. However, if you want to set up the devices indoors, you have to pay attention to a few things. So it is important to safely lead the resulting exhaust gases to the outside. In addition, the combustion requires oxygen, which with open devices comes directly from the room air. In order to be able to rule out a dangerous undersupply, open gas water heaters for propane gas must always be installed in well-ventilated rooms.

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