Social Commerce – The Shift to Social Media Shopping

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Social Commerce – Evolution

Social commerce is different from traditional e-commerce, or rather, the expansion of e-commerce. Social commerce mainly uses social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote their products. The method used in this type of trading is quite simple in essence. Business owners or people involved in sales use these sites to interact with existing and potential customers. Various methods are used to promote online sales of their product or service. To simplify this concept, it can be said that when e-commerce is done through social networking sites, it’s called social commerce. But what distinguishes socialized commerce from e-commerce is that commerce through social networks evolves from a relationship base where e-commerce is more transactional.

Social Trading = Opportunity.

Between companies, there is a growing tendency to use social networks to trade to increase their sales. This is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for companies. The social trading system is based on interaction. This gives the company a better opportunity to increase sales because through these sites they can pass on their message and motto to their customers.

How does social e-commerce work?

Using these sites, the company can create a platform where potential customers can get advice from other people. Many products and services are sold today, and this wide variety can be a source of confusion for a customer who cannot decide whether they want to buy this product or not. Using social networks, a business creates an environment in which existing customers serve as an essential tool to convince potential customers to buy a product right there.

Relationships are important in social trading.

This is done using a series of product recommendations and creating relationships through customer interaction because social networks promote relationships that create trust and enable social trading. Using sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the company sets up your product or service for reviews or ratings. Thanks to this system, they can generate comments about their products, and this, in turn, serves as “reliable” advice for a new customer.

Facebook trading.

When it comes to trading on Facebook or trading through other sites, the product is sold using these sites. There is the convenience of affordable shopping carts that allow a customer to buy a product there and then from the site without visiting any other site. For example, Facebook uses Facebook Open Graph, which allows you to trade goods using Facebook.

They sign up with their Facebook accounts, and if they find something they like, they can buy it right thereeasily. This has added a lot to the company’s revenue. Social commerce is a selling point that is worth the investment.

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