Red Rose Bouquet – The Ultimate Symbol Of Love

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Rose is a timeless flower. A red rose bouquet is perhaps the most romantic thing and can melt any heart. For the last 5,000 years, humans have been growing and treasuring roses. They usually bloom from the early spring to the onset of winter.


According to fossil evidence, roses have graced the Earth for 35 million years. However, cultivating these in gardens and commercially began 5,000 years ago in China. During the Roman empire era, roses were grown in many parts of the Middle East. The Roman novelty made rose the symbolic flower that it is today.

In the 15th century, the war over the kingdom of England was called the ‘War of Roses’ because each party chose a variety of roses as their symbol. Since then, these flowers have been popular all over the world.

Symbolism and meaning 

Rose symbolizes love, beauty, and war at the same time. Therefore, roses have always been used for romance and wedding ceremonies.

Each color of rose has a distinct meaning and is appropriate for varied occasions.

  1. Red rose – It symbolizes love and romance. A red rose bouquet is the most popular gift among lovers.
  2. White rose – It is a symbol of purity, innocence, reverence, and honor.
  3. Pink rose – It is used to represent grace and elegance. It is also associated with admiration and joyfulness.
  4. Yellow rose – It symbolizes friendship and platonic relationships. Along with that, yellow roses are used to express feelings of warmth and happiness.
  5. Orange Rose – It is rather less popular. It is used to represent desire, passionate romance, and enthusiasm.

Medical properties of rose

Apart from being an ornamental herb, the rose has some amazing medicinal properties.

  • It is used to cope with high blood pressure.
  • It is helpful in heart diseases.
  • Dried rose petals, when applied in the form of a paste, helps in quick healing.
  • Rose petal extract helps to soothe eyes.
  • Rose decoction helps with constipation.
  • It is an astringent that cures diarrhea.
  • Rose essence in gargle water helps with the sore throat.
  • Herbal rose tea is the best way to deal with digestive problems.
  • Rose is an integral part of aromatherapy.

Rose has been around for a while now. It is a cherished flower and a very effective medicinal herb. From a broken heart to a heart suffering from diseases, there’s nothing that roses can’t heal.

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