Important things to know about goose down duvet and tips to buy a quality duvet

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A duvet is a thinner version of a comforter that keeps you warm, cozy, and comfortable. They are not quilted, they work as an insert to your bed. If you are a cold person and need warmth all night long, then a goose down duvet is the best option.

What is inside a duvet?

  • Generally, duvets have the filling of goose down. Duvets do not come with a cover and are usually available in the color white.
  • Having said, that there are other filled duvets like duck or feather ones available from bedding sellers/manufacturers.
  • You should be aware of the difference it can bring to your sleep. It is important to know what you buy has the goose fill or other fill inside your duvet.
  • Down is the part of the feather found under the chest of the goose. They are naturally fluffy and gives warmth to the bird.
  • The other important thing is these down clusters have a natural spring back, thas works as an insulating property and can hold the air easily inside.
  • These things make the duvets fluffy, comfortable, and cozy. They do not get flattened unlike the feathered ones, which are stiff.
  • The down clusters from the goose are long and thick, this makes the duvets long-lasting. The ideal durability of a duvet is considered to be 5 years.

Duvet Vs Comforter

  • Duvets filled with down are expensive and they need good care. One does not need an extra cover to keep them warm if they are using a down duvet.
  • You can easily find a cover for your duvet and it is always easy to insert them into a cover, to keep it free from dirt.
  • You can just wash these covers instead of the whole duvet, which needs a dry clean generally. Saves your money.
  • These duvet covers also give a long life for your expensive duvets.
  • Comparatively, the goose down duvets is more cost-effective and long-lasting in the longer run, than the thin comforters, which may seem cheap in the beginning.
  • More importantly, if you are an organized person, the duvets are easy to make your bedding style than the other bedding options.

Some important tips to buy a quality duvet

  • You should always choose a duvet that has a quality outer shell for the duvet. Usually prefer to have good quality high thread count cotton fabric as the outer shell.
  • Look for the duvet that is cleansed in spring water with natural fresh technology.
  • Look for the down duvets that follow the latest European standards of sterilizing and steam purification for odor-free duvets.
  • So you don’t have to worry about the natural odor that comes from the goose downs.
  • Also, you might have to look for few other certifications like – anti-allergy certification and ethically sourced certification.
  • Lastly, but the most important one, the guarantee that the manufacturer provides. As you are investing your money and you should also consider the fact that the product comes with a guarantee period if in case something goes wrong.


Hope the above information helps you to understand what a goose down duvet is and the things you should be aware of while buying one for your comfortable sleeping experience.

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