How Men Should Protect Their Facial Skin?

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For men, skin care means just washing the face with soap. Men have hair on the facial skin, so they get more support from least in fibers and collagen, leading to make the skin thick and wrinkles free. The hair gland yields oil, so they do not face dry skin problems. In fact, the oil hydrates the skin and sustains the youthful appearance.Facial hair gives a lot of benefits, but shave takes out the outer cells’ layer and makes the skin sensitive and prone to terrible external factors. You do not need to spend much to buy skincare for men products because bath and body works promo code uae is open to make online shopping money-making.

Basic Skincare For Men Products


Instead of using soap bar, pick the liquid cleanser as it is soft in nature and does not cause itchy feelings or any irritation. For oily skin, select the cleanser containing benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid. It is meant to confiscate the dead skin and proper cleaning of skin pores.

Men Skincare Products


Another important skincare product is a moisturizer that does not only hydrate the skin, but reduces the effects of aging. Regular use of moisturizer makes the skin soft and elastic. After shave and after a shower are the best time to hydrate your skin.

Almost 56% men face facial skin dryness.The fact explains the need of moisturizer.The right moisturizer can be picked after knowing about the skin type. You should select less irritating products if your skin is sensitive. On the other hand, lighter moisturizers are made for oily skin and thicker moisturizers suit the dry skin. Use bath and body works promo code uae to choose the dead-on moisturizer for your skin with considerable markdown.


Men spend most of their time in open air and get more exposed to harmful rays, therefore they must use sunscreen daily. Usually, men do not pay attention and use the sunscreen when they are going to the beach. Exposure to ultraviolet rays is the main reason of skin damage, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Like women, men’s skin after passing 50 years starts developing melanoma, so the need to use sunscreen becomes compulsory. Sunscreens have moisturizers as well. Try to pick SPF (above 15) sunscreen for daily skin care.


It is a fact the facial hair of men are almost 999% times harsher than the hair on various body parts. To keep their beard soft and straight, they need to select a conditioner as well.

After-shave Products

Grooming specialists recommend men not to use soap as it is harsh and not suitable for delicate skin.They should use an aftershave as it is balancing, soothing and hydrating. Avoid using alcohol based harsh aftershave.The bath and body works promo code uae is meant to offer low-priced branded men’s skincare products in order to make their skin less abrasive, wrinkle free and smooth. Try to use lotion or any cream before and after-shaving.

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