French Coffee Presser: A Review

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Coffee is the best thing that ever existed on this planet. Without it, I don’t think I can ever go and focus on my work every day. That’s not being melodramatic; since coffee has a higher dose of caffeine, it helps our body conjure a good amount of energy to help us with our daily activities.

Coffee has improved over the years. Coffee shops made it obvious to us that there’s a wide array of options to make coffee. But then again, you can never beat a simple good old brewed coffee! And for some people like me, I prefer to make my own coffee. There’s something so good about making my own right from my kitchen. I got my own French coffee press and I’ve been dying to let everyone know what I think of it!

4 Level Filtration System

Just like other coffee-goers, I enjoy a cup of nice coffee made by me. I wouldn’t have to bother myself waking up early to buy it from our local coffee shop. That’s why coffee presser maker is for me. I can make my coffee anytime I want to. However, the trouble of a coffee presser is that sometimes, “coffee crumbs” are mixed into my fresh brew which is nasty. But what’s cool about this one is that it has a 4-level filtration system. That’s 4 level of awesomeness! Once you put your beans into the coffee maker, it will go through all 4 levels to filter the crumbs with a protective edge to keep the grounds out. Whenever I have to drink my morning fix, I wouldn’t have to worry about any coffee grounds on my coffee.

304 Grade Stainless Steel

Most coffee makers have the same look; some are sophisticated and durable looking but breaks in a short period of time. But not with this. My French press coffee maker has a 304 grade stainless steel that covers the product. This protects the coffee maker from any outside damages; such as dents, scratches, and breakage. It also leaves a very shiny finish!

This French press coffee maker is everything that a coffee press should be. For someone who pays the worth, I love that my presser is durable and I can use it for a longer time.

Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass

I worry a lot when it comes to making my own coffee because what if it cannot withstand the water temperature I’m using? But the coolest thing with my French press coffee maker is its heat resistant glass protects it from breakage. It is made with the Borosilicate Glass which can resist heat and withstand any temperature when I’m making my coffee. That’s another addition to its durability and it makes me happy!

End note.

There are plenty of French Press Coffee maker online that you can purchase but there’s one coffee maker that I have and I got it from Amazon. You can visit website and know more about and you will know how much of the truth I am talking about! Enjoy.

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