Finished Zippers or Zipper Chains – Choose the Right Type for You

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Zippers are items that are used for various types of manufactured goods. Even though the main purpose of a zipper always remains the same, and that is to fasten a specific piece or part of an item, zippers can also come in different varieties and types.

For you to be able to choose only the best zippers in the market, it is a must that you remember and consider what you plan to use them for then make your final decision from there. With this particular post, you will get to learn more about finished zippers and chain zippers. Take a look at what makes these two different from each other and for what you will need each of these types for.

Difference between Finished Zippers and Zipper Chains

The length is the primary difference between finished zippers and zipper chains.

Zipper chains are available in the form of coils that are long and continuous. These can also be customized to various lengths depending on your specific needs or requirements. Zipper chains come separately from the zipper slider and stopper.

On the other hand, finished zippers are being made to a certain length and these are sold attached with all the different important components.

You need to be extra careful when it comes to zipper chains in case you are planning to buy the sliders from another supplier. Just so you know, there are differences when it comes to the specific types of sliders for coil, metal, and plastic zippers. This means that a slider meant for metal zippers could never be paired up with coil zippers or plastic zippers as this can lead to malfunctioning.

Functionality of Finished Zippers and Zipper Chains

Zipper chains are being measured by the yard as those available at These are more suitable for those items that need long zippers like cushions, pillows, upholstery, and others or apparel that needs different zipper lengths. If you happen to be searching for readymade zippers customized to a particular length, you will be better off with finished zippers.

Classification of Finished Zippers and Zipper Chains

You can find zipper chains and finished zippers alike in an extensive selection of varieties including coil, plastic, and metal. The material of the zipper will mainly depend on the material of the specific item where you plan to use it. For example, most footwear and handbags look best with those metal zippers but raincoats and down jackets might look so much better if paired with plastic zippers. Meanwhile, coil zippers are the best choice for different kinds of apparel such as skirts and blouses.

Aside from the particular type of manufacturing materials, the finished zippers are also available in different types namely close ended zippers and open ended zippers. The open ended zippers are more suitable for those types of apparel that require complete separation of the two sides of the zipper such as sweaters and jackets. On the other hand, close ended zippers are more commonly used for apparel that just needs partial opening such as handbags, suitcases, footwear, and more.

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