Buying Bed Sheets: Things To Consider

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Investing in linens will make you and your loved ones feel great. An excellent bed sheet provides comfort and lets you relax even better. There are so many bed sheets available in the market with plenty of brands competing. Buying best fitted sheets should never be guesswork. There are factors that you have to consider.

Fiber content

One hundred percent cotton is an excellent choice if you want soft and affordable bed sheets. Premium, extra-long-staple cotton, or ELS cotton is even softer and more durable. Examples of premium cotton include Egyptian or Pima. These are more expensive than your usual cotton but they are worth it. These sheets are breathable and long-lasting. Blends of cotton and polyester are also great. The fabric may have some sort of a synthetic feel but it is less expensive than pure cotton. It is also more durable and there is less possibility of wrinkling. Sheets made from bamboo rayon or microfiber have extra environmental costs. They have no real benefit over natural fibers.

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Thread count

Most people think that a higher thread count means better quality. That is not true at all. There are manufacturing techniques that let brands make high thread counts. It does not increase the quality though. A thread count of 300 to 500 makes bed sheets soft and strong. Those with a thread count of 200 or less are not as comfortable. Anything over 500 is not much better, too.


Percale or sateen is what you should be looking for. Percale is a basic weave that looks like a grid. It feels light and crisp. Sateen feels silky smooth. It is a satin weave. Most people prefer sateen but it all depends on your preference.


Standard sizes do not account for the depth of the mattress. These include queen and king size. Make sure to measure your mattress to avoid ill-fitting bed sheets. You also need to take into consideration that some fabrics shrink after washing them.

Return policy

Before buying anything, it is always wise to check the return policy. Most brands allow returns up to a few months after you buy the item. Some people change their minds after they sleep on the sheets. Sometimes bed sheets feel different when you are touching it compared to when you are actually on it. Check the return policy first and make sure you are amenable to their terms before deciding to buy.

There are reasonable sheets that are very affordable. It is not necessary to buy expensive sheets if you are after quality. You can even get temperature-regulating sheets for a low price. Washing your sheets on a regular basis will help keep them less prone to wrinkling. Always keep your sheets clean and fresh.

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