Buying a Right Dartboard – What You Have to Know?

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So you are done your own research and have determined to buy the dartboard. Here we are going to examine what you have to search for when buying the good dartboard. At Cozyhouse, we will focus on various types of dartboards that are available in the market to choose from. Darting has long been the classic and the social game that is used in the friendly get-together and relaxation. Besides being the good player & knowing all techniques, you require the real dartboard for playing substantially. The dartboards differ greatly in the quality, and their ability and longevity of holding a dart.

The poor choice of dartboard can frustrate your game, and leading to bounce-outs or you having to choose the darts from floor. But, you don’t have to be the expert to buy right dartboard, so here are a few tips that can help you choose the right dartboards.

Bristle dartboards

The bristle dartboards actually have become more and more since Noldor invented this in 1930s. Best brittle dartboards today are made with the sisal fibers. The sisals are durable materials with the high-density of fibers and have got self-healing capability. Thus, with the sisal fibers, you are sure that material won’t just last for the long time but can close up really fast when it is impacted by the dart. Suppose you want to buy the dartboard for standard play and tournaments, best bet will be the sisal fiber.

Bristle dartboards

Depth and density of a dartboard

One important factor you need to consider while selecting the dartboard is depth and density. You require the dartboard with best thickness and density; not very high and not very low. The good depth & density dartboards can help to ensure that dart penetrates much deeper & bounce less from a board. It’s relevant in holding a dart in position as well as preventing the bounce-outs, therefore helping the players to score much higher in a game. Most of the brittle dartboards have the good depth and density and thus can make a very good play.


Wiring of a dartboard is an important factor to check before you make the purchase. Wiring in the dartboard can be used for separating central section of a dartboard from outer fringes. Wiring has to be done rightly and in a way that it won’t promote the bounce-outs. There are some dartboards, particularly the low-cost ones, which have the wiring system and inner bull totally free from the staples.

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