Best Plus-size lingerie for curvy women

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The secret of perfect lingerie isn’t just that it makes you look elegant and beautiful, but it should also make you feel like that too.

Well, it is not simple to shop for best cheap lingerie for a date night when you have an above average body type. Plus size lingerie previously just meant beige, black or great bra sets with as much sex appeal as your granny’s false teeth.

Luckily retailers have come way ahead and now you have immense number of options and choices in almost all sizes in comparison to before. These lingerie styles are backed by celebs like Lizzo and plus-size model Ashley Graham. The plus size clothing is considered as size 16 and more so the plus size lingerie is for those who go for a bra cup D or larger. So, anything 40 or more can be considered as plus size

Your body changes all the time because of your diet, hormones and exercise patterns. So, it is necessary to ensure that you are wearing a right bra size. Even if you think that you know your size, it is important to double check. As per a survey, it has been found out that 80% of the women wear a wrong size bra.

Tips to measure your bra size:

  1. The underwire should fit against your chest and your breast should be clearly covered in the underwire.
  2. If the cups are bigger, then there may be creasing, so go for a smaller cup size.
  3. Strap should rest on the center of your shoulders. They shouldn’t dig in.
  4. For a perfect fit, the center front should fit against your chest, covering the cups fully and supporting your breasts completely.
  5. Straps should be comfortable and supportive.

But, remember it is not just about the fit. Lingerie should dance along that sleek line between looking sexy and offering the right level of comfort and support so that you feel confident. If you are looking for some cheap plus size lingerie options, then take a look at these tempting options:

Full cup bras

Give your bosoms support of full coverage bras. The complete coverage lowers top spillage and also eradicates side spillage. They are accessible in several colors and fabrics, right from sensuous laces to breathable cotton.


Give your curves the perfect contouring with shapewears. Wear them below any kind of outfit to get the right figure shape. You have plethora of shapewear designs available to select from depending on your figure and outfit.


One of the best ways to make your chubby legs look perfect is by wearing a pair of stockings. As stockings are crafted in net and mesh, they make your legs appear tones and gives a smooth look.


You can flaunt your assets with appealing babydolls. You can invest in amazing inspiring designs and pamper yourself. Either go for sheers or smooth satins, the choice is yours.

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