Celtic engagement rings- Why are they getting Popular?

Celtic engagement rings are a style of jewellery that incorporates Irish design elements and is imbued with romantic connotations. Celtic engagement rings are extremely common among all types of engagement rings due to the many profound meanings embedded within them. Since the Celtic engagement rings are intended to openly announce a couple’s commitment to work together to create a new life, the designs incorporate different romantic connotations into the delicate metalwork, engraving designs, and gemstones.

Celtic engagement rings are very imaginative and iconic due to their captivating knotted designs that seem to have no beginning or end. These knotted designs mean ‘tie the knot,’ since they emit an infinity symbol to signify ‘eternal love.’

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Celtic Cross

According to legend, this Celtic engagement ring has many variations. The cross in the rings may symbolize God’s everlasting Love, which is attained by Christ’s ‘Cross’ sacrifice. These Celtic Crosses are shaped in a circle symbol that encases the ‘Crucifix’; this is referred to as the Halo. It is believed to embody God’s angelic quality of unending affection for mankind.

Celtic Bands

These Celtic engagement rings differ in complexity and thickness. To create a simpler Celtic band, the craftsman should create a gold metal-metal knot’. Celtic bands with more intricate patterns, on the other hand, are etched on larger bands. These bands can be set with gemstones, most notably emeralds or diamonds.

The Lover’s Knot

This style of Celtic engagement ring features two intertwined wired symbols indicating infinity to signify the couple’s unification. Numerous Celtic wedding bands and rings feature the ‘lover’s knot’ as part of their style pattern. Generally, the arrangement of typical Celtic engagement rings combines the Heron and Creyr on each side of the stone. Cryer is thought to be the mother of all things. Additionally, this engagement ring incorporates an animal, and it is thought that each animal was aligned with the earth’s natural cycle.

Claddagh rings

The most prominent Celtic ring style is the Claddagh ring. The hand design is symbolic of fellowship, while the heart design is symbolic of love. Claddagh rings have a Crown motif, which symbolizes Loyalty. With or without gemstones, a Claddagh Engagement Ring can be made. Any metal may be used to create these Celtic rings.

Celtic and mensngagement rings are often created using platinum, silver,  made with titanium or gold alloy. Celtic rings are more costly due to their complex and special knotted pattern. However, if you’re looking for more inexpensive rubber and silicone rings, they’re also common these days.

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