Everything to Know About Your Deep Wave Hair Sew In

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Most people are unaware of what a deep wave hair is. This hair generally has curls that are tight and flows naturally to enhance your beauty. Like other hair sew ins or extensions, this type too needs regular care and maintenance. It should be taken care of just like your own natural human hair. Since this sew in has curls, it generally needs extra maintenance to retain its quality and pattern

An insight into the deep wave hair sew in

The deep wave hair sew in gives you a beautiful appearance. It adds a lot of sheen. The texture of the hair flows like a body wave with tighter curls. If you wish to make your natural hair look thicker, you can use this sew in hair extension. However, as mentioned above, once you get your deep wave sew in, it is essential to maintain is daily to keep it from tangling and shedding.

If you take a look at its pattern, it closely resembles the Jerry curls. The waves are quite smooth, and they look luxurious to add an added boost to your hair. If you want to keep your hair look fabulous for a long time, you should maintain it with the right products that your hairstylist recommends.


If you compare any hairstyle, you will find they have their share of pros and cons. The same holds for your deep wave hair as well. Given below are its key advantages-

  • The hair extensions are made from good quality unprocessed human hair generally and have no chemicals. The hair sew in is untangled, has no bad odor and sheds.
  • Proper care is needed to maintain and look after these curly hair sew in. Generally, your hairstylist will give you the right shampoo, conditioner, and serum to use. The comb or brush you need to take care of your hair will also be recommended to you.
  • When you wear this hairstyle, you will find it gives you a unique appearance. The look is so individual, and this is what makes this hairstyle so different from the rest.
  • With this hair sew in, you get lustrous, shiny, thick, and beautiful hair.

What are the disadvantages of this hair sew in?

 The following are the key disadvantages of this curly hair sew in-

  • This hairstyle tends to be dryer than the others. Correct and proper hair management is the need of the day.
  • Hair experts suggest you should not style this hairstyle often. It will shorten its lifespan as the curls become unwound.

The deep wave hair sew in needs professional care when it comes to dying or bleaching. Make sure you visit a good hair salon for the job. Before you shampoo your hair, professionals recommend deep conditioning or pre-conditioning with a product rich in moisture. First, comb your hair with your fingers before using a comb as advised by your professional hairstylist to prevent the curls from becoming loose and break.

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