Beautiful Nail Art: Keep The Nails Attractive

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Many women and even a few men apply nail polish on their toes and nails. They do it as a way of making the nails look presentable. For them, painting nails is one way of proper grooming. For some other people, applying nail polish can be the basis of nail art. Many people see nail art as expressing oneself. You can order nail polish online and choose the color you like. If lots of women considered painting nails for their toenails and fingernails as a part of hygiene, a lot of women are not painting their nails. Either they don’t know how to apply the polish, or it is a waste of time. If you belong to the people who wanted to learn how to use nail polish, here is your easy guide on how to do it.

Easy guide to nail polish application

There is an easy guide for those who wanted to have nail polish. Follow the steps below:

  • Prepare the area. Before starting the nail polish application, it is essential to prepare the work area. Prepare the nail polish and manicure tools on the table. Spread a used towel over the surface to prevent the polish from staining and minimize the mess.
  • Remove old polish on the nails. Fingernails and toenails are possible to have old polish. So, once you have them, use a nail polish remover, like acetone. With that, it ensures that the new polish will spread evenly on the nail for a flawless and smooth appearance.
  • Wash hands. It is essential to clean the hands by washing thoroughly. It must have no dirt or debris on the nails while giving a manicure.
  • Rub the colorless bottle. Before applying the base coat polish, you need to rub the bottle between your hands around 20-30 seconds. Upon doing so, it warms up the polish, and it eliminates the bubbles formed inside the bottle.

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  • Apply the base coat. By applying the base coat, you must start from the middle up to the sides. You don’t have to worry about your skin gets stained; the polish is colorless. So, it is unnoticeable. Before you resume, let the base coat gets dry.
  • Rub the color polish bottle. The same with how you rub the bottle of the base coat, do the same.
  • Apply the colored nail polish. Apply the colored nail polish following the same steps with how the base coat is applied. After doing so, let the coat dry completely. You can apply another coat for the second time to have a darker shade of the polish.
  • Apply colorless polish again. Applying the colorless polish serves as the top-coat. It will protect the fingernails and toenails. Allow the top-coat to dry completely, and you are done now.

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