All You Need To Know About Ring Lights And How To Properly Use Them

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Applying makeup without good lighting can be a challenge. That is why if you ask any make-up artist, they will tell you that if you choose to buy makeup mirror with lights or a ring light, you can consider it as a good investment. The lights at home might be bright for you, but believe me, you need something brighter when dolling up your face. Here’s why.

Why Good Lighting Is Important For Make-Up?

When applying make-up, quality lighting is vital. You need to see your makeup when you are applying it on. If you have a good lighting, you will be able to apply it perfectly onto your face without worrying about balance and shadows. Also, good lighting can help you select the best lipstick and eyeshadow match. And if you love to combine colors and shades of foundation or makeup, then you need to see it clearly onto your skin to achieve the best look.

Tips On Using Makeup Lighting

To be able to achieve the makeup look that you want, you need to make sure you have quality lighting if you do not have access to natural light. So once you have purchased your makeup mirror with lights or a ring light, here are some tips on how to use it and make it work for you:

  • Observe Lighting Positions. Your lights should be placed directly in front of your face. That is why makeup mirrors with lights are the most preferred of many makeup artists. If your lighting is above you, that can cast a shadow which is the vital enemy of make up artists.
  • Avoid Yellow or Rose Colored Lighting. When choosing lights for makeup, you may want to avoid yellow lighting or rose-colored lighting. Yellow lighting lacks the brightness which makes your skin look dull. While rose lighting on the other hand gives off too much heat. And too much brightness might make you miss some spots and blemishes that you would want to cover up.
  • Never Use Fluorescent Lighting. When picking mirrors with lights, avoid the ones with fluorescent lighting. For many make up artists, fluorescent lighting is the worst. It is overly bright which can make you apply more foundation, concealer, bronzer, or blush. And that will surely not look good on anyone.

Invest In Good Quality Lighting

Most make-up mirrors sold these days already come with lights. But if you can’t find that, you can also consider investing in a ring light. They come in different models and sizes. They can be small and compact, but they can also be huge which is perfect not only for taking selfies but most especially for makeup. The bottom line is, you need to make sure that you have good quality lighting when applying your makeup.

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