Why do people prefer contact lenses over spectacles?

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Choosing the contact lenses or spectacles for vision correction is completely based on your personal choice. Many people prefer wearing contact lenses over the spectacles due to many reasons. The comfort, lifestyle, budget, convenience, aesthetics are the prime factors that are taken in mind for choosing the contact lenses or spectacles. Everything has it’s own advantages and disadvantages for using them. Keeping these factors in mind you can completely choose your option that you are interested to wear. The contact lenses are preferred by many people due to some advantages. The contact lenses provides a good curvature of the eye to provide wide range of access to view the things. They cause very less obstructions and distortions when compared to the glasses. You can play without any bother of losing the contact lenses from your eyes while playing. There is risk of falling off from your eyes when playing or exorcising. The contact lenses don’t get affected by the climatic changes like the spectacles do. There is chance of fogging up of your spectacles when you wear in the cool climate. If you want to have a good trendy look by changing the color of your eyes, then contact lenses are the only option. You can choose different colored contact lenses from myeyebb. There are many colour options in the contact lenses and can be selected based on the event you are going to attend.

Different types of contact lenses:

  • The contact lenses are mainly of two types. The first one is of doctor prescribed contacts lenses that are used to vision correction. The other type are the cosmetic contact lenses which are used to change your look. As eyes are more attractive parts in everyone face, changing an eye color would create a great impact.
  • You can buy any color of contact lenses from The white contact lenses are worn on the special occasions like Halloween or fancy dress competitions. The Halloween look requires white coloured eyes to give the best look.
  • There are many other different colours available like blue, green, honey, red, yellow, pink, purple, white, grey and many more.
  • You should be careful in choosing the contact lenses. The best quality contact lenses doesn’t effect your eyes. You can use the cosmetic contact lenses without affecting your eyes if you brought your contact lenses from the best store.


Hope you got an idea on different color option available in the contact lenses.

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