What is IPL Hair Removal Treatment and How It Works?

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Shaving, waxing, or epilating are some of the things that we have to go through to get smooth and hairless legs. However, going through its pain and ongoing maintenance, it becomes time consuming and daunting that is why many people are selecting the permanent solution of hair removal and it is ipl hair removal.

What’s IPL hair removal?

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL technology applies pulses of light on the hair root. It makes your hair go in the resting phase and hair falls out and slowly your body creates less hair on that particular area.

How It Work?

The handheld IPL device that releases intense pulsed light will be moved over the area, and focusing on the hair follicles. Light used will aim the pigment and destroy it that stops your hair from growing on that area. The hair growth happens cyclically in 3 stages. The right IPL hair removal methods take place during anagen stage as the hair follicles at this stage will be susceptible to heat from light. As all hair isn’t in a same growth stage at any time, many treatments (generally between 6 to 10, spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart) are essential. To certain extent, length of the treatment depends upon the patient’s hair texture and location it is getting removed.

ipl hair removal

How to Get Ready for the IPL treatment?

Before your IPL appointment, make sure you have the skin consultation & patch test just to check how this treatment can react to the skin. We recommend you avoid hair removal techniques particularly tweezing and waxing for 2 weeks before the treatment. It is because, tweezing and waxing weaken your hair and cause this to break that will mean your treatment is less effective.

Is IPL same as the laser hair removal?

Definitely not. There’s not any laser home hair removal device available, for safety reasons. The laser hair removal technique is the professional process not home option that uses the strong light source on the targeted area for achieving the permanent results. The lasers release one light beam to pinpoint the specific area, and damaging the hair bulb and prevent the future hair growth. But, the IPL device releases many light beams that will cover the larger area and has to get repeated twice in a year, as follicle will be dormant when opposed to removed permanently. The laser hair removal should be done by the trained expert and is the painful treatment

Final Words

After the treatment, your targeted hair may look like it is growing again. It is when hair starts to make the way out of follicle. Over 2 weeks after the IPL method your hair may shed & fall out. At such time you can gently remove this with the washcloth in a bath or shower.

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