Types of services & products in the cosmetic industry

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The entertainment industry or also called as show biz is one the most important part of the economy of the world. This industry has its influence indirectly on the other industry that is beauty, fashion, styling and cosmetic industry. The trends in beauty industries are set through the movies which masses wants to follow and hence create a market for these companies.

Types of services and products:

There are various services and markets in the beauty industry to which could be used to enhance the beauty of a person. First way is through cosmetics the range in cosmetics is huge from lotions, cleansers, powders, makeup, lipsticks, perfumes, eye shadows, eye liners, mascara and many others. There are a lot of business opportunities in this range. Apart from cosmetics there is another service industry called cosmetic surgery there are clinics dedicate to this service which gives products and perform surgeries as well. The process involves corrections like scars, moles burn etc. There are other types of service like laser hair reduction. Peeling, Botox and fillers are treatments that can be done to enhance the beauty of their person. Also there is plastic surgery done in these clinics. These services are expensive for customers but a good client base cans provide great revenues.

The other category is of these beauty salon which provide wide range of services with styling, makeup, hairstyles, haircuts, manicure, pedicure, hair coloring etc these are not very expensive services but because they are affordable it has higher customer base and also in many cases it is safer option then opting for cosmetic surgeries.

  New trends and products

In current times a lot of emphasis is given on a personal grooming, appearance and looks. The trend of socializing along with influence from entertainment industry altogether has brought in a lot of focus on the enchantment of beauty. These consumers demand to look perfect and presentable has bought in many new products in the market which were not available for the masses earlier but are now are easily accessible. These are the trends of extensions. There is extension for hairs. These are false hair but look very natural and can stick to scalp they are different from wigs. They attach to the original hair. Then there are extensions to nail as well there are artificial nails attached on the original nails these nails are made of acrylic also called as acrylic nails. There is a new product going around the market which lash extensions kit, there are two type of extension a strip eye lash this false eye lash can be stick to the original eyelash line and can be easily removed. The other way of getting an extended eyelash is of getting a semi permanent eye lash. In this process the eyelash is glued to original eyelash. They look and feel original. They can go for weeks and fall of naturally.  A person can choose any method.

Apart from this there is othr section which performs better ahdn is expensive method i.e. of cosmetics surgerys. There are lot of cosmetic clicns offereinng variety of cosmetic surgery be it laser hair reduction, chemical peels

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