Mouthwash Review: Gargol

The dream mouthwash. Why, you ask? Let the ingredients speak for itself. Gargol has 100% natural essential oils and Xylitol.

The essential oils being:

Thyme- which is proven to be a natural healer. Effectively treats mouth infections.
Chamomile- a soothing herb that sooths inflammations and throat irritations.
Peppermint- a member of the mint family, which keeps breath smelling fresh.
Myrrh- an all around oral remedy. Strengthens spongy gums.
Tea tree- a potent antiseptic that effectively heals mouth ulcers and oral infections.
Propolis- reduces bacteria and plaque formation. Relieves gum inflammation.
Xylitol – nature’s sweetener that’s actually good for you. It restores orl pH balance and discourages cavity growth.

It was probably more than a year ago when I first saw the “Gargol” ad in The Philippine Star. The first time I went to Mercury to try it out, it was not yet available. So I got frustrated. I so wanted to try this out so bad because ever since my childbirth instructor has told us the danger of getting mouth cancer out of using mouthwash with alcohol, (She lost her husband to mouth cancer). I have shunned every other mouthwash in the market.

I have actually tried Oracare, which also does not contain alcohol, but I did not find its price very friendly. It is a little too pricey for the content. A 200ml bottle of Gargol only costs $2, not bad, right? From amongst all the flavors, orange and green apple are my favorites.