Breaking Dawn 2 Epic Finale

I must admit that even before I saw this movie, I already read a few reviews and some synopsis (and summaries). In a way, I already know what this part 2 will be about. But I just have to watch it! Hey, I am not a Twilight fan but being it a movie that me and my sister watch together, I anticipated this movie so much.

I was expecting more acting from Bella since I always thought that this movie is about her struggle as a vampire. Oh I was wrong! The first part indeed showed here as a newborn but not much struggle. I didn’t even saw her having a hard time being one, save for one cliff moment, which is not convincing.

What I didn’t expect is how dragging the movie was. I had to click the froward button from time to time. Half of the movie is just blah but I do like the parts where other coven were being shown. It’s just answers my question of where are the other vampires? In a way that part explores the idea of the vampire world and not just the Cullen- Voltouri world. I love how each of the vampires ability from the other covens were shown.

The comedy, it is so lame, specially when Jacob said something during the end.. argh and look at Edward’s reaction, poof!

Still, I have been watching this movie over and over again.

Why? I love the epic battle! I realized how corny I am after watching that part for the nth time. I love that battle to bits.. I love how justice was served. You know that thing, when this vampire killed the partner of another partner, the other partner takes revenge.. so cool!

The movie, if you would describe in a graph, would seem like, a flat line, then suddenly rises on that epic battle then goes to flat line after the battle.

Of all the Twilight movie, this is my favorite, Bella, finally had some reaction! And truth to what she said, after her human life ends, she never felt more alive.

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